Shooting Death in the 2900 block of Sherman Ave, NW

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From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a shooting death this morning where the victim was found in the 2900 block of Sherman Avenue, Northwest.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact us on 202-727-9099 or text to 50411.”

From CM Jim Graham:

“I have very sad news. A Latino juvenile was pronounced dead from gunshot last might at Washington Hospital Center. He was taken in a private vehicle to hospital from the vicinity of Columbia Road and Sherman Avenue.

We have confirmed that very recently was committed as a ward to the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. He had a pass to visit that area.

According to MPD, there was no recorded shot spotter reports or complaints of gunshots in this area.

Much more needs to be known about this. I am advised that the car and driver are known to MPD.

For now, our most sincere sympathy goes to his family and friends.”

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  • Indeed CM, something more needs to be known about the amount of gun violence in CH East/Sherman/Park View. It’s so rough there, don’t forget the recent robbery death, and other unsolved killings. When will Council help make a real change for the better?

  • That’s the same area Lucki Pannel was shot when she was hanging out with a DYRS target. Do we have a DYRS facility in our neighborhood that we don’t know about? They have about zero trust from me.

  • According to the Post this happened at 2 am. Why on earth would a ward of DYRS have a pass to be anywhere other than his bed at 2 am????

  • I heard that the kid was shot somewhere else and was dumped in front of the building on Sherman, which is why no one heard a gun shot in the first place. Someone at the Sherman building then drove the kid to the hospital.

    • wow… drove them to the hospital? if this is true… i wonder why that person didnt call 911. im all for helping people in need, but that seems like you could get yourself into some real liability issues, plus it may not be the best option for the person (from a medical standpoint). not sure that i would do that. would anyone else do this?

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