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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: There’s a smelly dead squirrel on the street in front of my house, and the street-sweeper just made a wide circle around it. Twice.

  • Rave: Having a drink with a cute guy tonight.
    Rave: Awesome weekend with girlfriends from out of town.
    Rant: Monday (but the fun weekend and evening plans go most of the way to make up for it!)

  • Rant: I’m really tired of hearing about the royal baby. Why would anyone in this country (or anywhere) care about the baby of some ultimate 1 percenters?

  • Rave: Renewed energy post vacation. Time to clean the house from top to bottom. So satisfying.
    Rant: New building manager doesn’t have a customer service bone in his body. Anyone else dissatisfied with the changes since Archstone was bought by Equity?

  • epric002

    rant/rave: neck STILL bothering me and causing headaches. going to chiro again tonight 🙂
    rant/rave: the neglected dog is gone. i left literature from Dogs Deserve Better (thank anonymouse!) on the pen on friday while i thought he was being walked, but he never came back and as of yesterday the entire pen and dog house have been removed from the property. i’m selfishly glad that he’s not there anymore, but crushed that the day i find a group that can help him, it’s too late to save him. i hope he ends up in a better place. 🙁

    • Argh! have been following yours posts on this. Any way the owner will tell you?

      • epric002

        the owner of the house? i know his name (through property records), but he doesn’t live in the house, or even in DC, according to the records. the tenants, who were not owners of the house or dog, have also (apparently) moved out. i know the dog owner’s first name and his DC license plate #, but that’s it. i think i’m at a dead end on this one. 🙁

        • Weird… so there was a guy keeping his dog in the back yard of the house, but he was neither the owner of the house nor a tenant?

          • epric002

            yup. so bizarre, and frustrating, b/c it was almost impossible to talk/meet with the dog owner, and the tenants were pretty rude, so they were no help. oy.

  • Rant: Up since 12:30 for a variety of reasons. I am sensing either an IV of coffee or a nap in my future.
    Rant/Rave: Decision on job pushed back to today. Rave because I’m still in the running, rant because I would like to know yesterday please!
    Rant: Current job is ridiculous with all the back and forth and misinformation that gets sent around, to the detriment of people who are actually trying to do their jobs.

  • rant: guy a broke up with months ago won’t stop calling me.
    rave: met a new guy this weekend, who will hopefully turn out less crazy.

  • Rave: USMNT’s big win yesterday!
    Rave: Great weekend in Baltimore.
    Rant: Racism by US fans. You can taunt and banter without being racist.
    Rant: Salvadoran fans throwing crap at fans and players. C’mon, don’t be jerks.

  • Anyone know anything about the lady who is always on CT and Q in DuPont asking for money for Street Sense?

    She is there rain, shine, heatwave or snow. She is so dedicated to her cause, makes me smile and happy to help.

  • Rave: Had a great time in New Orleans last week/end!

    Rant: Broke it off with my boyfriend. He’s a lovely man, but we just haven’t connected like we should. I was feeling so guilty for not having the emotions I want to have about a boyfriend (despite really trying); he deserves better than that. He took the news well enough but was of course sad. I’m sad too. 🙁

    Rave/Nervous: Gonna take the plunge and adopt a dog. The pup in question is a sweet little guy!

    • Congrats on the dog!

    • epric002

      congrats! what kind of dog? have you found a dog-walker? food for thought- a dog’s personality can change dramatically once it gets acclimated to your house. we adopted what we thought was a couch potato, and she actually needs quite a bit of exercise. just something to keep in mind over the next few months. good luck, hope to see him/her on a popville animal fix 🙂

      • Thanks! The pup is a middle-aged (seven years old) toy fox terrier. He was surrendered by his lifelong owner after her housing situation changed—he wasn’t abused or anything, thank goodness.

        I live in Capitol Hill and plan on making good use of all the dog-related businesses and services here. 🙂 Any good vet recommendations? Also, if he’s got the right temperament for it, I can take the pup to work with me sometimes.

        • Atlas Vet!

        • epric002

          that is awesome, and so awesome for you adopting an older dog. (when we adopted our guesstimated 5 year old dog, the adoption lady was teary eyed- apparently it’s *really* hard to adopt older dogs). major kudos. we see dr. saini at dupont vet, and she’s wonderful. their office called to check up on our dog to see how she was doing on some meds, and then emailed to check on her after she had some major dental work done, even though it was done by another doctor/office. highly recommend her/that office. they also have weekend hours which is super convenient for us. and so nice that you may be able to take him to work with you. so exciting!!!!

          • There is a six year old dog from PAW who acts like she’s two or three. Very playful and energetic. I would foster her if I had time to deal with two dogs.

          • epric002

            PG- have you tried having 2 dogs before? we have a 2nd dog living with us for a month, and we’ve been surprised at how little extra work a 2nd one is. although if this one is very playful/energetic, she may be a bit more work 🙂

          • epric002, I’ve had family members’ dogs stay at my house a few times, and it was pretty managable. I don’t want to commit to having two dogs for an extended time. I think my dog would get along great with this other one, but she will probably be adopted soon.

          • epric002

            PG- fair ‘nuf. we’re pretty excited about how nicely the 2nd dog practice round is going. i’m pretty sure we’ll end up fostering another one, and probably adopting, in the next 6 mos or so. good luck.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          Union Vet – across from Union Station – are great. I use Friendship for emergencies.

    • Sounds as if he was on the receiving end of the “it’s not you, it’s me” horror.

      • Being in a relationship with someone who isn’t in love with you is the real horror. Better to part ways while still on good terms.

        Dude and I gave it a try for a few months and had some fun times. I’m glad for the the time we spent together and don’t regret a moment of it. We’re just not quite suited to each other, that’s all.

        • Good for you for cutting it off now, when you were only a few months in. It can take a lot of courage to end a relationship you’re not necessarily unhappy in.

          Best of luck with the new dog! Like the above poster, I use Atlas Vet and I love them. I used to go to Union Vet and they were OK, but I had better experiences with some vets than with others and I had to wait a really long time more than once. I understand that pets with emergencies must get treated first, but waiting over an hour after my appointment time more than once got to be a little much!

  • RANT: I hate hate hate the new gmail layout. Why do we need 3 separate folders for the inbox? So stupid – your efforts to improve upon your own product have given it a high degree of suckatude. Progress isn’t always good. Go back!!!

    • Rave: You can get rid of the tabs in the settings.

    • I’m pretty sure you can opt out of it if you want. You can add or delete as many tab categories as you want. I for one like having the 800 emails from livingsocial, amazon, etc all get ditched into one folder…

    • I felt the same way about the new gmail inbox! Fortunately, it’s really easy to get rid of the tabs and go back to the old format. Under settings, click on “configure inbox.” There, you can disable all tabs except “primary,” and it removes the tabs from the top of your inbox entirely.

    • I totally hated this too…and figured out how to set it back to normal.

      Hover over “Inbox” in the left-hand column and you should get a button (a box with an arrow in it). Click on it and chose the link to adjust your inbox settings. There are checkboxes to choses which tabs you want. If you unselect everything but “Primary”, it goes back to putting everything in one place. So much better!

    • That’s a lot of hate for something that is totally optional.

    • Weird, I don’t have a new layout. Are they rolling it out incrementally?

      • Allison

        Yeah they are– husband saw it a few days before I did. Sidenote, I am still displeased with the new, non-optional compose feature. *shakes fist* do not waaaaaaant!

        • binpetworth

          Oh, man, I hate that compose feature too! Google, stop fixin’ things that ain’t broke!

        • Just an FYI, you can still use the old compose feature. If you just click on the arrow at the bottom of the new feature, there’s an option to turn it off…

          • Allison

            Ahhh they must have added that option later after all the push back! The first time they switched to the new compose, I defaulted back to the original. Then, the second time they switched to the new compose, there was no option to switch back and they claimed it was permanent (I spent a long time googling and in the google help and discussion forums trying to figure out how to opt out, and they were adamant there was no method of doing so.) So, I now get to “temporarily” switch back. They still say they’re going to force us all to use the new compose eventually, blegh.

          • Yeah. Sadly, it is only a temporary fix. I’m dreading the day when we’re forced to use the “hangouts” option that does away with gchat.

  • Rave: Good gig in Baltimore tomorrow.

    Rant: It’s outdoors, so it will probably get rained out, like the last two. I wonder if we’re ever going to be able to play an outdoor event this summer!

    I forget who was asking about the Marion Barry documentary, but I’m pretty sure you can stream it on Netflix.

  • Rave: Spent all day Friday with my daughter, driving out to the Shenadoahs and hiking up to the (semi-) secret swimming hole, jumping into the cool mountain creek after a hot dusty hike.

    ?: She’s thinking of taking time off from her graphic design program and looking into cooking professionally.

    Odd realization: With the boy working full time in politics and the girl (Young lady? 🙂 ) looking at cooking, it appears that I have inadvertently been a major influence on my childrens’s lives. I probably should have become an overachieving attorney and lay minister rather than a louche political hack who spent too much time in kitchens playing with fire and knives while swilling Chenin Blanc. Expectant parents: let this be a lesson!

    • Make sure she understands the realities of working in a professional kitchen. It’s a lot different than cooking for fun, and from what I hear it’s a hostile environment for women. And of ton of work for measly pay. You have to be tough to survive!

      • The least of my worries, actually. She has friends with kitchen experience and is interested in doing peon-level work before making a commitment, and a pretty realistic view of what’s involved. She received enthusiastically a suggestion that she wash dishes for a while, just to get a feel for things.

      • Maybe she shoud run a food truck first. 🙂

        • I almost suggested that myself, but I think we can all agree that she’s not quite at that stage yet. Hell, once she got some chops, I could even back her. Who needs retirement money, anyway?

    • More and more, it seems that professional cooking is like professional acting. A few people (not necessarily the most talented ones) get ridiculously rich and famous. But the vast majority work their asses off for no recognition and very little money, and in the case of women, lots of harassment.

      I would encourage my daughter in a different direction, if she asked my opinion.

      • Then again, it’s not like graphic design is a great field to get into either.

        • I think you are uninformed about graphic design if you think it’s not a good field to get into. A lot of designers make good money, have a flexible work schedule and do interesting work.

      • I guess I never thought people should choose their careers based on hiring trends and projected incomes. Or fear.

        • Workforce development is part of my field, and I think about that question a ton. On one hand, I can see the logic of people being more strategic and realistic about future job prospects and the cost-benefit of training for a particular career. On the other hand, I do get weary of the “Health care! Health care! Health care! Science! STEM! Health care!” drumbeat I hear so often; not everyone wants to be in health care and the like (and frankly, from experience as a consumer and relative of consumers in that market, not everyone *should* be in health care). I think each person needs to find their own balance between their level of passion for a career and the working conditions and earning potential of that career. I strongly discouraged my (much younger) sister from pursuing cooking because at the same time that she professed a desperate desire to go to culinary school, she was also saying things like “I want to make a lot of money! Ugh, I hate the heat! Ugh, I don’t want to work weekends!” It was clear to me (but not yet to her) that her interest in cooking was more of a fantasy than a true passion, and that she’d find a better long-term fit with a different career path.

          • I’m with you on the realistic grasp of what your chosen course demands; I think N. knows the deal, or will learn it quickly before too much time and money are committed.

            It’s corny as hell, but when I hear how tough a field is to break into a field. I remember a story told by Leonard Nimoy at an executive retreat I staffed (and that I repeated for a young friend who’s struggling to become a screenwriter). Seems the Spock-to-be was hacking in LA, trying desperately break into showbiz, and he picked up President-to-be JFK who, being charismatic, struck up a conversation with the cabbie. Nimoy confessed that he growing discouraged — “it seems like there are a lot of people trying to be actors out here. I just don’t if there’s room for me.” To which JFK replied” “there’s always room for one more if you’re good.”

            Like a lot of hacks of my generation, I spent a few years living (as a buddy used to put it) on “bugs and dirt,” making no money, sleeping on floors, freezing my ass off in Iowa winters and taking jobs that blew up after two months with no last paycheck. If we’d listened to all the people who told us we were crazy, we’d have abandoned profession that we loved and that we do well, and has (finally) done well by us.

            There really always is room if you’re good. Eventually.

          • Irving Streete — I appreciate that quote. I’m now trying to decide if I should continue with my current career, which means taking about six months to study for and pass a licensing exam and hunting for a job, vs at least considering a career switch. I’m well-trained, very experienced and love what I do. This discussion has reminded me that although I need to be realistic about job opportunities — having a profession that’s a good fit and reasonably well-paying is something that I shouldn’t step away from because of fear that there might not be “enough room” for me.

        • Really? I’d like my daughter to be able to support herself. I won’t be around forever, and as a parent, I have to look out for her sense of self-worth. I have too many cousins who are pursuing their passion (pottery, acting, organic backyard farming and beekeeping) and cannot afford to live independently– in their 30s.

          Some things are professions. Some are hobbies. There are a very few, very lucky people who can support themselves with their hobbies. But I don’t think it should be held up as a realistic goal for our kids. That’s what gets you $150k worth of educational debt for a bachelors in Music.

          • epric002

            it should be obvious that if you choose a “hobby” profession, you need to have another way to earn money if it doesn’t pan out. if you make that clear to your kids… but you also don’t have to get a degree in a hard science in order to support yourself. i’m doing quite well with my BA/ MA in english, and not in a traditional english-major field either. liberal arts degrees can still be incredibly useful.

          • I agree that there need to be more “reality checks” about the cost of education and student debt, and my pet peeve is that too many of the “gatekeepers” of that system (admissions and financial aid officers) are telling kids things like “don’t worry about the sticker price! pursue your dream!” But at the same time, I recognize that it’s tough to make that message stick in a teenager’s head. In hindsight, it would have been SO much more fiscally responsible for me to take a free ride to UMBC instead of going into tons of debt at a private university in New York. At the time, though, I couldn’t rationally weigh the costs of going to a snazzy private school with the depressing prospect of commuting to UMBC. (I don’t mean to disparage UMBC, as it’s actually a fine school–but back then, it did not have the reputation that it does now, and I was an angsty 17-year old who was desperate to get the hell out of suburban Maryland at all costs.) And unfortunately, my parents did not have much experience with college and, being somewhat starry-eyed, bought the pitch from admissions that an elite private college would be so life-changing and door-opening that the cost hardly mattered. Double-unfortunately, my high school guidance counselor started off my mandatory junior-year college-planning meeting by saying brightly “Well, I’m new to this whole ‘college admissions’ thing, but I’m hoping we can learn together!” Sigh.

          • Also agree with epric, though, that people either need a backup for their “hobby” profession OR they have to be passionate enough about it that they’re willing to make lifestyle sacrifices. It also depends on how you approach work and identity. I know many people, myself included, for whom it’s important that we find our work personally fulfilling and meaningful. If I have to keep a modest lifestyle and sacrifice some earning potential for a job that I care about, then so be it (repeat, some. I have my limits). But I know others for whom the sole focus is their non-work life, and work is just a means to an end–they don’t give a crap what they do for 8 hours a day, as long as it adequately finances all the things they want to do in their off time.

          • It would be really interesting to hear what the citizens of Popville went to school for and do for a living. I bet there’s more diversity than we might believe.

  • andy

    Rant: Found out our amazing home renovation project we have been hyped about for months and months would cost us $125,000 and a year, if it is even possible without demolition of the back of our house. We were going to move the kitchen to the back porch, put in a half bath, and a bathroom in the unfinished second floor sleeping porch.

    Rant: will I have to become a DIY genius in order to fix our house? Who can afford that kind of project? This is crazy!!!

    Rave: I have something new to focus my energies on.

    • epric002

      nosy question: do you know how much just adding the bath to the 2nd floor sleeping porch costs? and is your sleeping porch already enclosed or would that be part of the cost? (long term plan to turn the back bedroom & already enclosed sleeping porch/office into a master suite/bath) sorry bout the reno costs- this stuff is crazy.

      • nope. got an overall ballpark talking with a contractor Saturday. The house would need structural improvements before anything could be built, so he basically said, get that designed, permitted and taken care of before any real work gets done – the necessary changes are so unclear as to make it impossible to really get planning.

        • Ah. Some of our first ballpark estimates from contractors were low. They lured us in with hope that we could do everything for 130, then socked us with 180 later. You may find the number goes up significantly the further into the process you go.

    • $125K sounds like a deal – we’ve gotten quotes of 180K for a project of similar scope.

  • Rant: My boss, whom I very much enjoy working with, is leaving soon. I am pretty bummed about about it. Let’s face it, most of us merely tolerate our bosses at best. And some of us have awful, toxic bosses. I am about to lose the best boss I have ever had (and may ever have). Grieving this departure a bit.

    • binpetworth

      Do we work together? I too am about to lose a great boss. It’s so hard to find the right combination of an ally and supporter but not a micro-manager. But having had great bosses before, I’m optimistic they’re out there.

      • I certainly feel your pain, binpetworth. Maybe an even better boss is around the corner, but I doubt it.

    • That happened to me recently – was glad that I got to work with him for a year. He’s still around my org so I get to cross paths with him every now and then.

  • Rant: That weekend went by way too quickly.
    Rave: Homemade croissants! If only they didn’t disappear so quickly.
    Rant: Was going to check out the corpse flower until I saw the crowds on the live video stream.
    Rave: I think my metabolism is getting faster as I get older.

  • skj84

    Rave: incredibly busy weekend! Cleaned spent time with with my family, went to several parties. Good times!

    Rant: Got into a stupid argument with my brother. I took him and my sister in law out on Saturday and bought them drinks. I was expecting a ride home, but they made me Metro since it was late and I was out of thier way. I was incredibly tired, been out in the sun all day, and a bit drunk and I yelled at them. I get that they were tired too, but I would have given them a ride if i had a car. You always look out for family. The whole thing ruined what had been a great evening.

  • Rave: Had an overall great weekend! Checked out Thomas Foolery’s on Friday, hit up the Bethesda community pool on Saturday, Eastern Market yesterday. Relaxing!

    Rave: SCREEN ON THE GREEN! Puh-LEASE don’t get rained out! I need me some E.T.

    Rant: Reality. It bites.

    Random: Found a job that I REALLY want (but the current opening is in New Jersey): Wish Coordinator for the Make A Wish Foundation. Soooooo awesome…….

    • Where in New Jersey? It’s a pretty awesome state. Great pizza, amazing corn and tomatoes, nice people, beautiful beaches, close to mountains for hiking and skiing. Depending on where the job is you could always commute from NYC or Philly if you prefer an urban lifestyle.

  • Rave: great weekend in NYC with my GF. Our friend let us house-sit his swank condo overlooking McCarran Park in Williamsburg. Great time at PS1, Brooklyn Flea, meals with friends, etc.

    Rant: I was over-served this weekend. Ouch.

    Rant: The city began tearing up the alley next to our building this morning. The alley needs to be desperately re-paved, but they brought in a backhoe jackhammer. My bedroom is right next to the alley and I thought the whole building was going to collapse. They are jackhammering right next to the building’s foundation – that can’t be good.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Dealing with paperwork that always seems to need more paperwork, that then generates still more paperwork.
    Rant: I really miss my old job.
    Rave: Last week I got to go swimming pretty much every day. I really enjoy swimming outdoors.
    Rave: Someone told me something that I really needed to hear. I’m glad that I have people in my life who are brave enough and caring enough to do that. I’ve got wonderful peeps!

    • Envious of your first rave. I keep meaning to go to the pool, but the closest outdoor one is at least a 15-minute metro ride away (and there’s something that doesn’t feel right about being on the train with a towel and bathing suit).

      • Blithe

        LOL. Well, I can see that it might not feel right to be on the metro IN your bathing suit, but WITH your towel and bathing suit and headed to the pool, well, to me it would feel like SUMMER. So I hope you decide it’s worth the effort!

        • I guess. Riding the metro just doesn’t feel that “summery” to me. 🙂 Wish I could just walk to a pool easily.

    • Blithe

      One more Rave: I got a great seat to see Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Strathmore in August. At least I HOPE it’s a great seat. I’ve got third row center — which I hope means that I’ll be close enough to watch their hands as they play. I’m totally enjoying my guitar obsession!

      • epric002

        i’m going too. have you seen them before? they’re AWESOME. heard great things about the strathmore, but somehow i doubt this will be better than their performance in carcassonne. in a castle. 😉

        • Blithe

          A CASTLE !!!!! Wow! I’d better start saving up for my next ticket — in case they do that venue again! Lucky YOU!!!! This is the first time that I’ve seen them, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been practicing “Chac Mool” in anticipation. The acoustics at the Strathmore are great , so I’m sure it will be a wonderful concert to listen to. My fingers are crossed re: my seat because I can’t remember how high the stage is. I hope I’m looking straight ahead, close enough to watch their hands as they play — rather than looking UP because the seat is so close to the stage. Either way, it should be awesome, and I’m excited.

          • epric002

            it was one of the coolest things i’ve ever been too. in all seriousness- if you ever have a chance to go to the summer music festival in carcassonne, called carcaphone, (hehe), do it! (elton john is playing there tomorrow night) they have this awesome outdoor stage in the courtyard of the castle, and sitting outdoors watching an awesome band play as smoke rises over the castle parapets…it’s just amazing.

            i am really excited about the strathmore though- heard great things. i too was worried about the stage height so i played it safe and bought tix farther back. enjoy!!!

          • If I remember correctly from the two times I saw Rodrigo y Gabriela at the 9:30 Club, they have video cameras and big screens with close-ups of their guitars.

  • Rave: 15 weeks pregnant after years of trying. Two different women offered me their seat on the Orange line this morning. I have no visible ailments and wasn’t carrying a lot of stuff, so I have to assume they did so because they thought I was pregnant. I didn’t accept because I was planning on car jumping at the next stop. Thank you ladies, whoever you are! Even though I’m just barely showing, I’m getting more unsteady on my feet in a moving train as the weeks progress.
    Not really a rant: We had hoped to do hold off in telling anyone (including work) for another week or two. But if strangers are starting to notice the bump, I’m really pushing my luck.

    • KSB

      Congratulations! I’m 14 weeks and, though I’m tired and ready for that second trimester energy kick to start, I had two different people tell me on Friday how exhausted I looked. And then my boss sent me home early. Maybe it’s something people can “read” that we’re not quite realizing ourselves… hmm.

  • Rave: Spoon. I never really listened to them before, but I heard a kickass cover version of “I Turn My Camera On” on etown and had to hear the original. Now I’m getting obsessed with that song.

  • Rave: Red Derby BBQ contest last night. Good Sunday night fun.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: My wonderful, amazing mother came into town last night to help me pack up my apartment and is staying all day today while I”m at work to take care of even more of it. She even made two runs to Goodwill to unload my entire “donate” pile!
    Rant: Um, I don’t move for another 10 days, but pretty much all my stuff is packed, save for one fork. Guess I won’t be cooking over the next week and a half.

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