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  • Come to Capitol Hill next!

  • this is kinda surprising… the archives location isn’t far away at all.

    • Totally agree. Weird.

    • It isn’t far away at all, but I think this location would grab a lot of folks west of 12th street that wouldnt’ walk all the way down to Paul near Archives. I also think they are focusing on being near Metro stops too where there is a lot of foot traffic. This should be some nice competition with Devon & Blakely.

      • Firehook is still there right? I would think their markets overlap a lot… but maybe I’m naive. Me hopes that Paul did some due diligence and studied the population that flows by that block…

    • lovefifteen

      I work near here. There are very few “fast food” options that I would consider healthy and “gourmet”, if you know what I mean, so I think this place will be very successful and very busy. All of the places around it have absurdly long lines: Roti, Chop’t, Corner Bakery, District Taco, etc.

  • Come to Bethesda next!
    Tout de Sweet has amazing macarons, but for pastries, La Madeleine is horrible (frozen mille feuilles : No way!)!

    • Don’t hold your breath for La Mere Paul’s fresh Patiserie , unless you also mean fresh thawed then baked. That being said it ain’t all bad. I would be perfectly happen to have their chocolate beignet as my final meal.

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