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  • Good value (6-7 courses for $30), high quality food in terms of ingredients and execution, but just not sure I’m a fan of Cambodian food. Some of the flavors were fairly bland.

  • I went and it was delicious. It’s an amazing value. Try and get in while you can!

  • Went a couple nights ago and it was the best value for a meal I’ve had in DC in a long time. As someone mentioned, 7 balanced courses of delicious, high quality food for just $30.

  • I’m going tomorrow night, super excited to try it out!

  • Agreed. Great value. The food wasn’t that great, though. Nothing stood out as being any better than Sala Thai down the street. And some things were kind of gross. The “Sour Soup” tasted like warm pineapple juice. Not for me!

  • As others have said, good value for money– but underwhelming. The service was friendly but disjointed, and the dishes were very hit and miss. The best dish we had (beef lettuce wraps) weren’t as good as the worst I’ve had at the Eden Center. The sour soup was by far the worst dish. Most were somewhere in between.

    It was very interesting though, and an exciting presentation. The dim sum cart was a nice touch. I think some of the “miss” dishes might be the result of their experimentation in the run-up to Maketto.

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