Details on the Future Bar/Restaurant from Owner of Room 11 Coming to Petworth – Plus Preview it at Hogo


In late June we noted the progress at the future restaurant/bar from Paul Ruppert (Room 11/Passenger/Hogo) coming to the former Island Cafe space in Petworth.

This morning Ruppert shares some details:

“The project is coming into focus as a neighborhood bar with great bar food and a literary focus. Our back room will host literary events – author readings, book launches, poetry slams, fundraisers for literacy programs, and a Free Book library. Our chef, Makoto Hamamura, was the Sous Chef at Cityzen and we will offer elevated bar food plus a beverage program similar in quality to Room 11 and the Passenger. We hope to open around Labor Day.”

You can check out a preview of the new spot (no name yet) starting tomorrow night and it will last for the next two weeks at Hogo, 1017 7th Street, NW.

Check out the menu after the jump.

Fish Fritter …8

Salted Haddock and Potato with Red Pepper Aioli

Mini Spanish Omelet…8
Homemade Fresh Chorizo and Manchego Cheese

Fried Chicken Wing…10
Marinated in ginger, garlic, soy

Pork ‘n Grits…9
Crispy Pork Belly and Creamy Grits
Soft Boiled Egg

Falafel Pita…10
Eggplant Chutney and Kohlrabi Slaw
With Tahini Sauce

Shrimp & Waffle…12
Batter Fried Shrimp on a Belgian Waffle
with Tomato Marmalade and Baja Sauce

Fried Chicken Sausage Sandwich…11.50
Chawchaw Relish and Grain Mustard

Stuffed Cabbage…11.50
Ground Pork , Rice, Cabbage Leaf and Corn

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  • Dig! However, please have an open mic night that is not devoted to poetry slams! There use to be spaces where people would read poetry or prose. This is great news though, can’t wait!

  • some of these combinations sound really odd… wtf @ shrimp and waffle?

  • Hopefully the price points at the new joint aren’t that high – not sure if the neighborhood can handle that many higher-end joints right next to each other quite yet (with Domku next door and Chez Billy just down the street). There’s a reason Reynolds and Looking Glass, which are both more accessible even, have been so successful.

  • Looks good, but you can edit out the “homemade” from the chorizo. I expect a Ciryzen veteran and sous chef to be able to use a meat grinder.

    Is the fried chicken sausage not “homemade”? Or the aïoli?

  • Love love love. Can it please be called The Library?

  • HaileUnlikely

    Looking forward to it. Paul Ruppert is the man.

  • OMG. So excited!

    I stopped reading at “a neighborhood bar with great bar food and a literary focus. Our back room will host literary events…” to get up and do a little dance.

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