Dacha Beer Garden Applies for Liquor License in Shaw – More Details on Plans

1600 7th Street, NW

Back in early June we first learned that Dacha Beer Garden hoped to come to the empty lot on the northwest corner of 7th and Q Street, NW:

“Our goal is to create a pleasant, green and beautiful neighborhood beer garden serving world-class brews and tasty, organic food to our community. We will strive to be an exemplary small business, an active participant in the life of the community, and a good neighbor.”

You can read all about there plans here.

Looks like things are moving forward as they’ve applied for a liquor license with some more details:

“New Tavern. The establishment will offer a choice of draft beers and light fare. 
Food will be pre-cooked offsite and reheated on site. It will be outfitted with a 20’-foot x 8’-foot pre-fabricated building that will be connected to public sewer and water supply and will have the following functions; 1. To provide service counter space, 2. Store and refrigerate beer kegs, 3. Reheat remotely prepared light fare on a gridle, 4. Wash beer glasses in a code compliant three compartment sink, 5. Wash glasses in an automatic glass washer, store a supply of bottled water in an under counter refrigerator. Total Occupancy load #190, Sidewalk Café Seats #30.”

They hope to operate – Sunday: 12pm-10:30pm, Monday–Thursday: 4pm-10:30pm, Friday: 4pm-11:59pm, Saturday:12pm-11:59pm.

Updates as they get closer to opening.

7th Street looking north

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  • huh… this sounds more permanent than my original impression… that’s a good thing. still dont know how the reheating of food will go…. and I still don’t have a clear understanding of what will come of this place in the winter. like the concept tho… keep it up!

  • So, where do patrons “dispose” of used beer? There’s no mention of restrooms in that pre-fab building. Please tell me they won’t have porta potties.

  • “
Food will be pre-cooked offsite and reheated on site.”


  • This still seems weird to me, sorry. Very amateurish and half-baked…

  • why are we encouraging 200 drunks to hang out on a street corner eating hot dogs 7 nights a week? I really don’t get why this is even being considered by any government entity. this is a quite family block, and it is going to be very disruptive.

    • ** a quiet family block

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Actually this is a mixed block with tons of commercial.

      • this is a streetcorner, so it actually affects 4 blocks, to be more accurate than my original post. on those 4 blocks, none has a business which creates any noise, or floods the streets with drunks. Q street, which it borders, is actually a ONE LANE Street, one of few in the city, and it is EXTREMELY quiet. on those 4 blocks are many family homes. the only noisy business open after dark would be 7-11, but it actually faces Rhode Island Ave., and is not the neighborhood. This is a beautiful pocket of the city, which is in the process of being ruined by greed, and this bar is one of the worst things happening to it.

        • lady, most of the e-w streets in DC are one lane.

          • no they aren’t. most are two-lane or more, as most are 2-way. this is a one-lane one-way street. it’s not the only single lane street, but it is one of the longest, especially for how far south in NW it is. also not a lady, but thanks for all the fishes.

        • You had a point there until “this bar is one of the worst things happening to it”. How about all the wonton violence happening all over the city? That’s not worse?

          • violence has been going down, alot, year over year, in this area. I think when there are a bunch of people stumbling around acting like suckers, it will go back up again. especially violent thefts. this is certainly not the best neighborhood to stagger home in.

          • I agree about violence going down over time, but that doesn’t make some half-baked bar-for-the-bros the worst thing happening to the city. Your use of hyperbole isn’t helping your cause.

          • i said it was ‘one of the worst things’ happening in this ‘pocket of the city’, not in ‘the city’ itself. please read it again if you think I am being dramatic with hyperbole, and then please find a real complaint about what I am saying.

          • Man, I could murder a potsticker right now…

          • “wonton violence.” Perpetuated, no doubt, by gangs of crab ran-goons. Malapropism of the year if you ask me.

          • “OG Anon” posting: Hehehehehe…… well played with the crab rangoons! (Although, as vain as I may be, I’m not sure this one wins for best of the year.)

      • with LOTS more commercial space to appear in the very near future.

    • Ugh. If you don’t want everyone peeing all over the place, why do you live a block away from P Street? Duh.

    • This happens on Georgia Avenue all day

    • This is way out of place for this part of the neighborhood. And PoP, if anyone takes away that it’s already a bustling area from your comment that there is ‘tons of commercial’, they’d get a completely inaccurate impression.

      The broad side of this open-air bar completely faces residential, as does the rear. You went on a ‘house’ of the week binge within a block of this place a few weeks ago, so you know the nature of the area. I agree with anon3; it’s being installed on a quiet family block. Not a great fit.

      Also, this is not a case of “we don’t want anything in our back yard”, it’s a case of “we don’t want an open-air boozefest with three trailers parked next to each other serving reheated food”. Even for a beer garden, this is half assed.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        7th Street has a lot of commercial storefronts. In fact there is a restaurant (fusion) with a liquor license a few storefronts up on 7th street.


        • I applaud the owners, operators, and patrons of the existing restaurant. I have never been inside, but I go past it daily and from the outside, it is generally a very clean, peaceful, and respectful space to walk past. Often there are patrons outside talking on their phones, but even as I walk past, I can barely hear their voices, and rarely are they loitering in large groups. These are requirements for a good neighbor, and I would welcome more such establishments, even if they don’t try to appeal to me specifically and they don’t expect to profit from me, they are still considerate of me as a neighbor.

        • PoP,

          A completely enclosed bricks and mortar restaurant, insulated by other commercial properties on all sides except a shared alleyway is a far cry from an open-air drinking establishment anchored only by a portable bathroom trailer with its wheels removed, and another trailer to reheat food and chill kegs which predominantly faces residential properties.

          Dacha and Fusion are not the same kinds of establishments and abut very different properties. It’s silly to say they are comparable.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Q Street,

            It is a fact that the 1600 block of 7th Street NW is commercial. To say that this block of 7th Street is full of homes and children riding tricycles through the streets is a completely inaccurate impression.

            You’ve obviously made up your mind that you don’t want a beer garden here. Power to you. But to give the false impression that 7th Street is a residential area is simply not true. You can’t change the fact that much of the 1600 block of 7th Street is commercial.

            Anyway, I’ll update when the final plans are known.

          • PoP,

            You and Q St are both right. The west side of the 1600 block of 7th street is in fact commercial. However, the east side of 1600 is almost entirely residential between the senior center and the Lafayette condo building. The only commercial storefront there is Tiki Seafood.

            Also, PoP, you may walk through the neighborhood once in awhile with your camera, but unless you live there I think it’s tough for you to say much about the makeup of the neighborhood; for example, your insinuation that there aren’t children around. In fact, that intersection sits 2 1/2 blocks from Seaton Elementary, 1 block from Ujamaa School at 8th and Q, and just a few blocks from the Kipp campus on P. Perhaps not tricycles, but plenty of children and families in the neighborhood.

            And, I too live in the neighborhood, just one block east of 7th, and while I am not necessarily opposed to the beer garden, I most definitely empathize with my neighbors who would prefer a brick and mortar establishment to something outdoor, unruly, and loud. I guess we will see what happens.

          • Prince Of Petworth


            “you may walk through the neighborhood once in awhile with your camera, but unless you live there I think it’s tough for you to say much about the makeup of the neighborhood”

            First of all I am not talking about the “neighborhood” I am talking about this particular block of 7th Street. Period.

            hahahaha but it’s true, tricycles pass across 7th street all the time – I was just checking to see if you were paying attention. To tell you the truth – I don’t even walk around the neighborhood I usually just snap some photos when my cab is passing through. Indeed, I guess we will see what happens.

          • Pop,

            I explicitly said “The broad side of this open-air bar completely faces residential, as does the rear”. That is not talking about 7th street. That is Q Street.. I am not trying to change the fact that 7th street is commercial. The impact is not on the 30 linear feet of the property that is on a commercial corridor, It’s on the 200 linear feet that are facing a quiet residential street. Anyone can see that at a passing glance of the lot or plans.

            The noise from Dacha is blocked from travelling up 7th street by the wall of the chinese restaurant – the Q street and alley side residences on Q and 8th have no such protection and that wall that protects 7th street is an amplifier for Q street. Furthermore, all of the sidewalk seating is on Q Street, not 7th street. So I find the “there’s no impact, 7th street is commercial” comments completely lacking of any consideration of where the impacts actually are.

            The facts are that the residential blocks affected ARE quiet blocks.That the majority of the business WILL be facing residential. That this IS a half-assed installation. That the owners have NEVER operated or worked at a bar/restaurant. That they are clearly going to miss the fall opening that neighbors requested as a trial run, so we can work out any issues that arise before they have a full season.

            Nearly 100% of the businesses that have come into the area my neighbors and I have supported. Furthermore, there is a 100% certainty that a business would open in that empty lot, and almost any would be embraced by the neighborhood. It could be something better than a construction-site portable bathroom unit selling beer.

            It’s great that you see a new advertiser moving in to 7th street, PoP, but it doesn’t change the realities of the block, or the impacts on the residents who have each invested more in this neighborhood than a just few trailers.

      • Way out of place? What about Jefferson at market Place that is currently being constructed on 7th between Q and P, which includes almost 300 condos and 14,000 square feet of retail space. I wouldn’t consider this a quiet family corner, and it certainly won’t be once all of this retail opens next year.

        • all of those buildings are going to have walls. there aren’t going to be 200-300 people standing outside getting wasted, not doing much else. I welcome positive development, but this isn’t it. It is definitely a quiet family corner. Like I have said, go walk past at night, you will see. at 10 PM, there is no noise on these blocks. none. it is a beautiful thing in a city, to be able to escape it all. if you don’t get it, I’m sorry for you.

          • Sounds like it is time to take a detour and go blaring my horn down Q St at 4am when I am headed to work! I live a block away from this corner, and saying there is no noise is just silly.

        • “But those people are going to boost their property values and they will probably be similar in socio-economic profile to myself, so I wholeheartedly approve!”

          Between this person and Stephen Upton in the CC Liquors thread. Sheesh. And it’s only going to get worse as more monied people start fleeing the ‘burbs for the city, bringing their Type-A rigid sensibilities with them.

          • I don’t own any property in DC. I can’t afford any property in DC. I have nothing socially or economically in common with condo buyers who will cause my rent to become unaffordable. My complaint about this business is a ‘quality of life’ issue.

        • Are you seriously comparing the sound of people shopping to the sound of a beer garden? The unregisterable sound of people in their condos vs. people getting hammered outside; the same?Or maybe it’s the dearth of sound that comes from re-folding a sweater on a display that’s just as loud as drunk people struggling to talk over each other.

          Even after I pound a few liters at Dacha, I don’t think I’ll be this obtuse.

    • I hate to break it to you, but once Citymarket at O and Jefferson at CityMarket open, you’re going to have 1,000+ more people living within 1000 feet of this location. Many of these new residens are going to be walking up and down 7th, 8th, and 9th all hours of day and night. Some may even be drunk. Change is coming..

      • you aren’t breaking anything to me. as I’ve said, I’m welcome to change. what I’m not welcome to is a perpetual party of 200 people sanctioned to sit on a street corner drunk all day, with only porta potties to relieve themselves. you seriously think this is a good idea? seriously?

        • What’s wrong with people having a good time. If you want peace and quiet move to the burbs square.

          • A community that wants more than a double-wide and kegs in an empty lot isn’t asking a whole lot. We supported restaurants like mandalay, developments like O Street Market – city hustle and bustle isn’t what we’re worried about.

            Ultimately the neighborhood didn’t block Dacha from moving forward, but that doesn’t change the fact this is a pretty half assed proposal of a business, being set up by two guys who have never ever even worked in a bar or restaurant in the middle of a quiet (for a city) block.

        • I heard from a friend who works for one of DC utilities that there are applications in place for a building construction starting this winter. Another friend who lives on 8th told me owners promised an actual building as part of their agreement with the neighborhood.

    • Well-if someone applies for a liquor license and is zoned properly, it has to be considered. You have every right to lobby your local ANC or get together 4 other neighbors to protest the license. I suggest you do so.

      • thank you, Mony. That is in process, but it is not the only method. As this blog has repeatedly advertised the presence of the coming business, I feel it is also a fair platform to protest said business, and to explain to people what’s not to like about it, before they support it.

      • abra may listen if is there is compelling evidence of noise disturbance (not noise pollution or noise inconvenience or migraines induced by “em young folk” or citybus noises). i was at the anc meeting when those guys presented their case….. they cited like 12 months worth of police disturbance reports from the vicinity the beer garden on 14th street ….if I remember correctly there was like 3 reports…most related to theft of mobile phones.

    • where did you get the 200 number?

  • andy

    Is the name Dacha supposed to be related to Russian vacation houses?

  • All DC parking lots and unused lots held by churches should be converted to Beer Gardens!!!

    Beers and Gardens for All!

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