“subject approached two individuals who were dining at a restaurant in the 1400 block of 12th St, NW and robbed them”

This is crazy. From MPD:

The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspect in connection with an armed robbery which occurred in the 1400 block of 12th Street, NW.

On Friday, May 17, 2013, at approximately 9:22 pm, a subject approached two individuals who were dining at a restaurant in the 1400 block of 12th Street, NW and robbed them of their personal property.

The suspect is described as a black male wearing a white shirt and dark shoes. He was armed with a handgun.

The suspect is shown in this video: http://youtu.be/rbtQyR4gmAM

Anyone with information that can assist in the identification of this subject is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411. The Metropolitan Police Department currently offers a reward of up to $10,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for a violent offense, including armed robbery, committed in the District of Columbia.

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  • This is INSANE. It makes my stomach turn just watching it.

  • Is this Veranda on 11th? Or Pizzolis on 12th?

    That’s nuts.

    Though I lol’ed when the woman offered him a plate of food.

  • What a scumbag. I hope they catch this guy and break his legs.

    When is this town going to get a caped crusader?

  • This is Pizzolis. How incredibly brazen!

  • It’s time for law-abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves in DC.

    • What are you suggesting? Instead of his wallet, the guy whip out his colt .45?

      • “Pizzoli’s – free shootout with every slice.”

      • never underestimate a thug with nothing to lose. better just give him the money.

        • Actually you are wrong. They run away when confronted.

          • Please, don’t be an idiot. I don’t care if you get yourself killed, but someone reading your idiotic comment and getting themselves killed would be tragic. Someone brazen enough to stick a handgun in your face like this isn’t going to tremble in fear because you decide to pretend you’re invincible. You’re just begging to be shot and likely would be.

          • I do care if you get yourself killed–not that I know any of you, but I don’t want anyone to get killed–and I’m sure in some cases a criminal will get startled and back down when confronted. But that’s a pretty big risk to take. They might not back down, you might try to shoot them and miss and then they shoot you, you might try to shoot them and miss and hit a bystander–any number of things could happen. I think people forget that, in addition to the gunman having the advantage of surprise, the average civilian gun owner isn’t trained to react in a high-adrenaline, potentially-chaotic, crisis situation the way law enforcement officers are (and even they sometimes make mistakes in those situations). It’s totally different from target practice at the range.

        • I’m not sure I’d have testes to put up a fight, but I do know this: if everyone cowers and surrenders timidly, and robbers know it, then the likely cost of committing armed robbery gets pretty low, with predictable consequences.

          • Even people with a lot of training have to weigh many factors, and their gut feeling, to decide whether or not to fight back. Me, I shut down panhandlers very quickly, but maybe that would have led to him popping the gun sooner. It’s just hard to know, so I can’t judge their response here.

    • Eh, the perp already had the gun pointed on them before they could react. Pulling out a gun/escalating the situation would have left us with a few dead bodies. That’s an even less desirable situation.

      You really can’t defend yourself against the element of surprise.

      • but I’m fully supportive of a bystander / the victims / etc brandishing a gun and maiming the thug as he makes his escape.

      • that DC thugs are so brazen because they (correctly) surmise that they’re the only ones with guns.

        • then you do not follow crime reports very closely. guys with guns often attack others that have guns. there have been many mid day shoot outs in our city. so don’t kid yourself, the thugs are not cowards and are very brazen and dangerous.

          • +1 on this. In fact, if they KNOW you have a gun, they’ll just try to get a drop on you and take the gun.

          • and this is a debate that can take hours. But the situation you point out is probably thug-on-thug (gang) violence. And they get into that kinda shit for pride and probably because they’re just bat shit crazy.

            I think a lot of criminals can be rational and will go for the easy target when given the choice (risk vs reward)

        • Couldn’t they surmise that any white couple dining out in an affluent liberal neighborhood in Virginia probably doesn’t have a gun either?

          • maybe. But most of the extremely pro-gun people I know in Virginia look like any other white people.

          • I don’t know. Would many of us city-dwellers choose to have a gun if it were legal? I wouldn’t.

          • carry out and about on the streets? no way. for protection at home? fairly likely.

            crimes out on the street happen very fast. its is very improbable that someone one witnessing this would have been able to stop it.

      • Still, nobody pulls this sh*t in Virginia.

        • I take it you don’t spend too much time in Richmond or Newport News.

          This doesn’t happen in Northern Virginia because there’s never been a whole lot of poverty there. DC was Nova’s ghetto, no need to keep the poor in VA. It has nothing to do with gun ownership and everything to do with socioeconomic segregation.

        • yes, virginia is the land of milk and honey.

    • Yes, because that is what we need, a firefight in front of pizzolis.

  • at least they have a pretty clear video of him

    • My bet is that the guy doesn’t live too far from here. Despite the high prices, there’s still plenty of unsavory characters in the south Logan/south Shaw ‘hood who have rode out the gentrification wave.

      • There needs to be a critical mass of us who vote, live in this city, pay our taxes to support subsidized housing, who say that those who dwell on our dime must be held accountable. No criminals in subsidized housing units or receiving housing vouchers. Plain and simple, we as residents in this city need to advocate that platform to our elected officials, and we have to do it with our votes, our phone calls, our voices.

        • First of all, there is a policy in subsidized housing that allows for eviction after certain types of felonies. Secondly you have no idea whether this guy lives in subsidized housing.

        • Can we at least wait until some more information comes out before scapegoating public housing? (Not that I’m surprised–the boogeyman of subsidized housing was bound to come up sooner or later in this thread.) We don’t know whether the suspect lived in subsidized housing, and if he did, we don’t know yet whether he has a criminal record–if he had none, there would be no basis for the housing authority to evict the person for being a “criminal.” Also, maybe the person was local, maybe not. Maybe he used to live in the area and was back hanging around the old neighborhood. Maybe he lives with a homeowner relative in the area. Maybe he’s from Maryland, as the perpetrators arrested in crimes around Logan/U Street occasionally are, judging from the MPD press releases I see. Bottom line, we don’t know, so let’s leave the subsidized housing residents out of it for now, hm?

          • “Can we at least wait until some more information comes out before scapegoating public housing?”

            Wishful thinking. There are several commenters on this blog that routinely blame most, if not all criminality on public housing with no facts at all that the crimes were committed by public housing tenants. They probably bought cheaper homes near public housing & want the city to bulldoze it so they can cash in. The fact-free nature of these posts says is the best indicator of how much attention you should give them.

          • DC CapHill

            Yeah, because poverty never equals crime, or vice versa. If I have to venture a guess, this dude was totally current on all of his taxes, lived in a mansion in Bethesda and probably parked, legally, around the corner to commit this crime.

            Chicago’s Cabrini Green says hello, Mr. Bulldozer. Literally dozens were SUPER upset when they finally demo’d that bastion of criminality.

            As for having a gun, if it were legal in DC. Yes, absolutely I’d conceal and carry. As the former victim of a violent crime, nearly stabbed to death because of the “element of surprise”, the first two things in my head while bleeding out was fight or flight. If I had a gun, after jumping as far away from an advancing attacker with a knife, I would have emptied a clip into him. No bystanders were even present to get hit, and it wouldn’t have taken the Cops nearly 2 years to capture the scumbag.

        • So you kick them out of public housing. Then what?

  • Why aren’t the cops patrolling this area? There have been so many robberies, that you’d think they’d get out of their cars and start walking the streets. I mean, maybe they are already but I (nor anyone I’ve encountered) has seen them.

    There was a robbery (where two suspects had baseball bats) last night literally a block a way from the 3rd District Police Department. I mean, come ON!

  • I’m impressed by the couple who handled it so cooly. I’m sure they are now a bit shaken up – but well done. And a robber so brazen, not to mention stupid, ought to get twice the usual penalty.

    • Yes. For our protection he should remain behind bars for a very long time. This is a violent crime that few commit. As we put them behind bars fewer people will be victimized in this way.

  • Years ago a friend and I were sitting inside of Avignon Freres (sorry about the spelling) having Sunday brunch. We watched a guy who was surely high harrass two women who were eating at their outdoor cafe. I guess they must have told him to get lost because he eventually walked/stumbled away. But now you can’t even sit at an outdoor cafe and eat without someone sticking a gun in your face??? Do we now need armed guards to stand in front of the outdoor seating. I mean this is ridiculous.

  • why are outdoor cameras still so grainy? it’s 2013!!

    • and so high that all you can see is the top of the guy’s head.

    • gotryit

      Part of it is crappy cameras. The entry level ones are soo grainy.
      The bigger part is distance / coverage. Indoor cameras tend to be focused on a short range situation (better resolution), whereas outdoor cameras tend to be covering a broader area and so they are farther away.

  • This town is getting ridiculous. What the heck are the mayor and police chief going to do about this kinda crap? We should demand to know their plan.

  • God, these people handled it so well. My biggest fear of getting mugged is that I’m afraid I wouldn’t take it so calmly. I worry I’d get really, really mad (partially at the mugger, partially at myself out of embarrassment or whatever) and express it by being all, “F- no, I am NOT giving you asshole any of my money.” Or chase them, etc. Both of which are terrible ideas for a small lady like myself, but I’m afraid I’d do in the heat of the moment.

    • That sense of outrage can be a real asset in a crime situation, if you know how to channel it. Check out the local self-defense classes like DC Impact or Krav Maga.

  • 1) where were the owners of the establishment while this was happening? It would have been clear something bad was happening…..

    2) There are never police in the area. They drive by. We live nearby, and there are still a lot of unsavory people – many of them hang out in the circle, drunk, and start shit. Some hang out at the corner of 11th and P near the abandoned building/lot (nothing good happens there – it’s disgusting). The police never walk by and tell them to stop peeing on the building, for example. Yes, they routinely use it as a bathroom.

    3) I’m not surprised this happens with the combo of unsavory people about, lack of real police presence, and nice weather creating opportunity for more people being outside and vulnerable. It’s disgusting that it happens.

    • Which abandoned building are you talking about? I’m about to move to the neighborhood, and would like to know as much as possible about crime hot spots and areas to avoid.

      • use this – http://crimemap.dc.gov/

        It’s an invaluable resource. You can put in the address and look up crimes within a user-inputted radius. You can also compare crime statistics between addresses. I used this to compare apartments when I was moving between rentals and when I bought my condo.

      • if you go to 11th and P, you can’t miss it. It’s supposed to be developed, but who knows.
        That said, I’ve never been a victim of a crime (knock on wood) and I generally feel safe in my neighborhood – no matter where you live, it’s a crap shoot.

        • you should look at the crime map if you think every neighborhood is a crap shoot.
          (hint: it’s not)

      • Its on the east side of the 1400 block of 11th St next to the empty lot (which is next to the now/going out of business dollar store).

        I have lived directly across the stree from that building for 2 years and while you do some homeless people camping out on stairs, they recently put in new doors and windows and that seems to have reduced the problems. And I have never seen any big issues with it.

        The police do need to pick up patrols, you cant go a weekend night without a car getting broken into it seems (always see the broken glass in the morning).

        That said, I wouldnt trade where I live as the location is great.

  • Guess he’s left-handed… might be helpful in proving he was the guy. hard to hold a handgun confidently with the wrong hand

  • How did they pay for their meal?

    • My guess is it was comped by the restaurant. Especially if they didn’t have any staff members outside while it was happening.

    • I read in the Post that they pulled cash out of the wallet and tossed it in the bushes. So they probably had a card to pay with. BTW if anyone is looking for more pro-gun rhetoric the comments section there is full of it.

  • I feel like Mayor Gray and our City Council better wake up. There have been way too many violets crimes and deaths in the city lately. I will not be voting to re-elect any incumbent if crime does not improve – and soon!

    • I can still her Phil Mendelson nixing the request for 50 additional cops, I’d support 50 x 50 more. I hear things like crime is going down, but it sure feels like these robberies are all over in the place.

    • There’s no way in hell I’d vote to reelect Gray even if crime did improve…

  • What a piece of shit. Eff that guy.

  • Surely not blaming the victim, but having $220 in cash on you is just not smart. If you really have to have that much on you for some reason, you should have “mug money” in your wallet and stash the rest in your shoe or somewhere.

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