Weapon Recovered after Gunshots Yesterday at 2pm in the 1900 block of 7th St, NW

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From MPD:

At approximately 2:00 pm this afternoon [Ed. Note: notice sent yesterday], officers responded to a report of gunshots in the area of the 1900 block of 7th St, NW. Witnesses report that a suspect was involved in a verbal dispute with the occupants of a vehicle, when the suspect shot at the vehicle. The vehicle drove away from the scene and the suspect fled southbound from the location on foot. The responding officers canvassed the area for the suspect, but they were unable to locate him. A weapon was recovered in the vicinity.

The suspect was described as a black male with a medium complexion, thin build, approximately 30 years old, with dreadlocks, wearing a white shirt and black jeans. Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact MPD at 202 727-9099.

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  • As a Ledroit Park resident who passes by this corner every day on my way home from the metro, I am still amazed at how brazen the crime is on that corner, and how little the police have done to clean it up. I have called the police numerous times regarding illegal activity (and blatant harassment) as it is taking place, and never once has anyone come to check it out. Much of the bad behavior is a result of the two establishments on the corner (the convenience mart and the take-out joint) that allow individuals to loiter outside of their establishments. I cannot believe that neither of these stores were willing to sell to progression place, or that, given the numerous illegal activities that take place in front of them, the city hasn’t closed them down. So frustrating.

    • I’ve heard from one Old-G, many violent street crews in DC have corrupt police on the Inside.

  • Well i mean he was wearing a white tshirt and black jeans so yeah it’s pretty specific.

  • 7th & T behind the CVS was a heroin dealing spot for at least 10-15 years. Past few years it’s mostly been older dudes selling pills. They’re not at all subtle about it.

  • Yet more confirmation for today’s Dysfunction Junction post.

  • I don’t condone gun violence or any violence for that matter, but what’s with calling people animals? And in the plural form too. Who do you classify as an animal, black males with dreadlocks, black males, or just all black people?

    • I think he’s referring to black guys with dreadlocks who shoot guns at 2pm in the middle of the street

    • Nice use of selective attention!

      • It’s not selective attention. I acknowledged the suspects wrongdoing by stating that I don’t condone gun violence. And obviously, anybody who shoots at people in broad daylight should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The larger point I was trying to make is that it is highly offensive and counter productive to call someone an animal. Especially, considering that the dominant culture has historically denied the humanity of African Americans.

  • why oh why is it always a black male in a white shirt with dreadlocks ….is it always the same guy? is that the gittup of choice for these dudes? are they really smart and all decided to wear the same exact thing and do their hair the same so that the description is useless? Actually usually it’s 2 b/m’s on most police reports, guess this guy’s partner pissed him off and drove off…

    • It’s like we have a problem with Serial Shooters in DC. Incredible it’s just a routine thing here, no one is up in arms and it just goes on and on.

  • Suspect was hatless. I repeat, hatless.

  • You do know it was one person who did the shooting? Are you saying all black males with dreadlocks are animals?

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