Dog Found at 13th and Spring Road, NW


“Can you see if anyone in the community knows this dog? Ill be holding on to him for a few hours but will need to take him to animal rescue tonight as we already have our own pooch. Thanks! maddenlp21(at)gmail(at)com”

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  • Before you take him to the shelter, I would take him to any local vet to get scanned for a microchip. Make sure they scan his whole body thoroughly. The shelters are supposed to do this, but are not always as thorough.

  • that’s one cute doggie!

  • I think this dog belongs to the folks who live in the house on Parkwood PL NW right at the northeast corner of Parkwood PL and Holmeade PL NW (sorry I can’t seem to grab the number off of googl street view). Similar looking dog frequently ends up out of their yard and wandering the block. I’ve returned the dog to them already on several occasions. Since Spring and 13th is only a few short blocks away, there is a strong likely hood it’s the same dog.

  • Please do not talk that pup to the shelter, I will happily watch that dog until he/she is claimed. Please message me back for contact info, and I will meet you.


  • He’s been reunited with his owner!

  • I love all the effort people put in to help return a dog to its owner. My dog is chipped and has multiple piece of ID on him, but it’s good to know if he went missing people would do what they could to get him home.

  • I wish they would keep a closer eye on this little cutie. Makes me worry.

  • what kind of dog is he?

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