Heads Up: Crosswalk Signal Out at Dupont Circle


A reader writes:

This is on the south end of Dupont Circle right before you get to Connecticut Ave (and right after you start considering getting a Krispy Kreme). This signal has been out over a week. Some might think the 2nd signal behind it has the same time as the one that’s out. Not true. The 2nd signal could have 40 seconds on it and the first one is actually on “don’t walk.”

This is my walk to work, so I’m used to it. However, someone not really thinking might assume both are on walk and will get dinged by a car going around the circle. Even when the light is working I’ve seen too many near misses from cars zipping through the roundabout and not seeing the signal.

Ed. Note: I will also send to @DDOTDC

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  • Thank you for posting this! I have seen numerous people almost run over this week because of it! Crazy that it has been out this long and no one there to help monitor traffic. This is already a dangerous place to cross since the crosswalks across the outer and inner circles are rarely timed the same (and I see people all the time assume otherwise), this only makes it worse. I sincerely hope they fix it before someone gets hurt.

    (Btw, I called 311 to report this a few days ago, but is there a better way to report something like this? Contacting DDOT directly?)

  • Why are the outer and inner circles not timed in sync? One of the most annoying things, among many, when navigating Dupont.

    • saf

      Because they cross at the ends.

      • They are timed for the flow of cars vs. flow of pedestrians. It makes sense when you see the various car pathways that have to be managed. But as a pedestrian it is super annoying and always makes me nervous when I am bunched up with a dozen people on the skinny median hoping no one bumps me off or a car doesn’t jump the curb.

    • I completely agree that the pedestrian crossing is dangerous because the signals aren’t synced across the four lanes of traffic. The Dupont ANC has worked with DDOT for several months and it appears they have found a way to allow pedestrians to cross so that they will not need to stop in the narrow median. I’m told the simulations work and now they need to translate it into code that the signalling system understands.

      Expect improvements to the pedestrians signals in the circle by the end of the month.

      (This doesn’t answer why the signal is out and I’ve asked DDOT to look into it).


      Noah Smith
      ANC 2B09

  • I use the 311 mobile reporting for these sorts of things. They are really responsive and 75% of my requests for attention were responded to within 2 days.

  • It’s on my daily walk to work and I had also noticed it. Since I’ve memorized the rhythm of the signals, it’s not really a big deal for me, but this morning I saw a group of pedestrians, who heeded the other crosswalk signal, almost being run over by truck barreling on the circle anxious to make the light.

    I thought about calling 311, but then I got busy at work

  • I agree with Andy2. Please everyone take two minutes and dial 311 to report issues in DC. Not to be dramatic, but it could save someone’s life.

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