Bloomers, Underwear * Sleepwear * Loungewear, Coming to Georgetown

3210 O Street, NW

Bloomers is coming to 3210 O Street, NW in Georgetown. They currently have locations in Shirlington and Old Town Alexandria. Their website says:

Bloomers is the vision of Bellacara co-founder, Kim Putens, who sought to create a unique store focusing on underwear, sleepwear and loungewear, and NOT lingerie.

Feeling that most shops of its kind focused too much on lingerie, Kim was frustrated with the lack of stores offering just the basics and simple, beautiful lounge and sleepwear. She preferred comfortable undergarments, sleepwear and loungewear that didn’t look like her husband’s sweatpants and college t-shirts, but slinky lingerie does not fit the bill either. So, Kim set out to create a boutique where comfort and practicality, as well as style and beauty, are the focus. In fact, when Kim is buying sleepwear for the store, she always asks herself ‘will I be mortified if my young son sees me in this?’

As Kim always says, lingerie stores are intimidating and most of us feel uncomfortable in them when all we want is to simply buy a new bra or get a cute pair of underwear. And, while we all like to look our best on the outside, it’s what’s underneath that can make the difference.


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  • It may just be me, but “Bloomers” sounds an awful lot like “Boomers”, which isn’t the most pleasing thought when I think of sleepwear/underwear. That may have been the point, though?

  • I stopped by their Shirlington location on Saturday. It was not very exciting. Prices are very high.

  • “Sleepwear?” You mean, people wear stuff while they’re sleeping?

  • She should carry silk maternity PJs. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been pregnant can appreciate just how hard it is to roll over in that last month or two. Slippy silk PJs really help.

  • Over / under on how long this business lasts? 4 months.

    • I’ll give it 6 months, assuming the owner has deep coffers to open shop in Georgetown. Although, maybe the contract lawyers could drag this out further?

  • I’ve been to their Old Town location a few times and always got great customer service there. I hope their Georgetown store is a little larger so they can carry a bigger selection!

  • Meh. I went to their Old Town location in search of a simple, no lace, 100% silk slip, that I could wear under dresses or to sleep in. You would think a place offering “the basics and simple, beautiful lounge and sleepwear” would carry such a thing, but the sales girl acted like this was a bizarre request and made some vague noises about ordering me one. Yeah, I can use the internet too, so no thanks….

  • Sleepwear? No thanks. Pro-tip for other undergarments, though: Coup de Foudre in Penn Quarter is just fantastic. I refuse to take my business anywhere else.

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