Taylor Gourmet Looks Close to Opening 1750 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Location

1750 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Back in Nov. 2012 we learned that another Taylor Gourmet would be opening up near the White House at 1750 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. On Saturday it looked like their sign was about to go up and the inside had progressed nicely as well:


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  • Cannot wait for Taylor to open. Thankfully our office won’t have to walk to 19th and M anymore.

  • Taylor’s sandwiches are okay, but I don’t see what all the fuss is over quite frankly. Not sure we need a dozen Taylor’s in DC proper, IMHO.

  • I love a good Taylor’s sandwich on the weekend after a night of drinking, but I’m not sure it would be my go-to for a quick grab-and-go during the work day. Anyone know where I can find their nutrition facts? It’s like Fort Knox trying to get that information out of some restaurants.

  • Yeah, don’t get the hype. These “Philly style” hoagies have been DC-i-sized and are just OK. If you want the real experience try the new Bub and Pop’s down on M St by Camelot. Closer to real Philly style, plus they have pickled everything for sale.

  • Any news on the 14th and P site the owners are developing. I haven’t seen any activity there in awhile.

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