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Taylor Gourmet Planning Another Location for 1750 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — November 28, 2012 at 11:30 am 15 Comments

1750 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Taylor Gourmet is getting set to open their 8th location at 1750 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. Washington Business Journal reports:

“Vornado will alter an existing first floor restaurant space in this office building one block from the White House for new tenant Taylor Gourmet.”

Back in Oct. we learned that a Taylor’s would also be coming to the former Meatball’s space at 624 E St, NW.  You can see their other locations here.

  • Anonymous

    I guess the Prez likes Taylor. Wonder what would have happened to the business plan if Obama hadn’t been re-elected.

    • Anonymous

      It would be the same–what’s your point?

      • Anonymous

        Lighten up – you missed my having fun with this. On PoP, there was a thread where Obama closed down part of 14th Street to eat at Taylors Gourmet. Now, there is one that will be 1 block from the White House, so a little closer to the Prez. Don’t know if Romney likes/would have liked Taylor that much.

  • I love Taylor. But every time I eat there, I feel like a lethargic Fatty McFat Gut afterward.

    I can’t imagine grabbing a Taylor sandwich on my lunch break and then being expected to do work the rest of the day. Not gonna happen.

  • I’ve never really been in a Taylor’s that was busy. There’s always a few people but never enough that makes me think that the place is popular enough to warrant all these new locations.

    • Anonymous

      Bethesda Taylor at lunchtime is the only one of the locations I’ve been to when it’s been packed. Unfortunately, that’s also the most disorganized one I’ve been to…

    • sbc

      have you ever been to the City Vista one? I went once early this summer and the place was packed. Had to wait in line about 15 minutes and all the seats were taken.

      It’s a little expensive for me to eat frequently and I prefer softer bread, but I’m glad to see a local business doing well.

  • mmmm yum – nice to know I can grab one of their samwiches anywhere I’m likely to be in DC

  • mony

    Damn, those folks around 18th and Penn really have some high quality options (Breadline, G Street Food, Roti, Taylor’s, Dickey’s)

  • I am a fan of Taylors, but I really am surprised it is that popular. They make a handful of great sandwiches and a large number of medicore ones too. Well whatever they’re doing, they’re obviously doing it right.

  • I hate the downtown taylor gourmets. I live a couple blocks from the dupont location and the hours are AWFUL. Since they mainly cater to office workers, they close at 7PM. Tried to stop by on Sunday during the middle of the day and they had closed during the entire thanksgiving holiday / weekend.

    I know it’s just the cost of business in a relative ghost town after working hours but still annoying for dupont residents who freaking love the vine street and fried ravioli.

  • Bread is Dead

    What happened to the bread? They had a pretty decent thing going on H St, then I tried the 14th St locale – the bread left the impression of cardboard rolled in sticks. Meh, never escaped without high-level heartburn from their assortment of acidic, greasy sides/apps anyways. Plenty of way more worthy options all over the city.

    • prognostication

      They were importing Sarcone’s rolls from Philly early on, eventually gave up on that and went to a local bakery that isn’t that good. It seems to me like they’ve changed the sourcing of several other ingredients as they’ve expanded, because the roasted red peppers, for example, tasted like grocery store generic brand ones, at least as of the last time I had Taylor.

  • Joe C

    I really like Taylor, Sweetgreen, Matchbox, Good Stuff, etc. but I do they really need to be in every freakin neighborhood? It seems like you can’t go two blocks in DC without stepping over one of the DC microchains. Local is great, but their proliferation is getting out of control.

  • JBMinDC

    I so wish they would bring one of these to Petworth.


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