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  • They were supposed to be giving out the stuff pictured above at Eastern Market, but when I went at 7:30 I didn’t see anyone there. ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, it was a nice day for a bike ride anyhow.

  • During my car commute in from Virginia, I saw about a dozen people stopped, fixing their bikes. Seems like biking to work on a whim without checking your tire pressure, chain grease(?), whatever isn’t the best idea!

  • I was at Eastern Market at 655-700am, and all I got was a t-shirt. I was excited b/c last year they had coffee, so I brought a mug with me. Peregrine Coffee sponsored but there was NO coffee! What the what?

    They did fix the annoying noise on my wheel.

    Eastern Market was a thumbs down this year. One of the volunteers said “Oh Freedom Plaza has doughnuts and coffee and other stuff you should go there.” Now why would I go there if I commuted from Col Heights to the RFK area?

    Passed by the M and 1st stop in NoMa around 6:50am and they weren’t even up yet!


    • I guess by the time I got there they were out of t-shirts and had left (just as well, t-shirts are always too big for me). I commute from Eastern Market to Potomac Ave, so yeah, it wasn’t like I was hitting up any of the other pit stops either. Coffee and donuts would have been nice though!

  • sorry…they had maps and reflectors for your ankles but they had these last year too. So I guess they did have something.


  • Sucks that a biker was killed yesterday at 11th and U and a female biker was injured at W and 16th.

    Anyone have any further info?

    Traffic was light this morning as I drove my scooter. However, I think that was more due to it being Friday. I didn’t see anymore cyclists than usual. I think National Bike to Work day would be more effective on a Thursday.

  • gotryit

    Yards Park at 7am: t-shirt, water bottle, muffins, coffee, fruit… not bad. Maybe bagels again next year?

    • Weird, I didn’t even see Yards Park on the map of locations. I would have gone a few blocks out of my way for that!

      • It was canal park, not yards park, which led to some confusion. And they were out of regular coffee when I got there, and I couldnt wait for them to get more. Did get my t shirt, some bottled water, and a muffin. It does sound like the swag is better elsewhere. This was my first BWTD – next year I will try to check out other pit stops.

  • I bike to Metro every day and I got notihing! It’s only a 2.5 mile ride, but I should get SOMETHING today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • #firstworldproblems to all of the above comments. It was a beautiful day and there were tons of cyclists out there celebrating what is fast becoming a bike friendly city!

    • Come on, it’s like going to costco and there not being samples. Kinda disappointing.

    • +1 fortheshorties

      If you rode your bike to work today so that you could get free coffee, enter a raffle you won’t win and get a t-shirt that proves you own a bicycle … you’ve sort of missed the point.

  • My husband went by….he didnt get anything, and the raffle? you had to wait around until it was the drawing…which defeats the concept of biking TO WORK when you have to wait around…

    that said, he bikes every day to work and I wish stuff like this would make drivers more aware of their responsibility to share the road (including stopping using bike lanes as an access strip for deliveries!). And bikers aware of their responsibility to obey the laws of the road. My husband still has a wicked scar on his chin after getting hit by a hit’n’run (and yes, he was following the laws…he’s retentive like that, thankfully).

  • G’town had popchips, baked&wired granola gift bags, coffee, sprinkles cupcakes, water, fruit, and I got a tshirt, water bottle and bag for signing up in advance. Not too shabby! But yeah, the raffle prize thing is a bit confusing – too bad they can’t do the raffles on a rolling basis -couldn’t wait around as I had to get to work.

  • That’s my swag pic above – Freedom Plaza is the place to go. No bagels like last year but plenty of coffee, bananas and the somewhat inedible Kind bars. Also water bottles, bike pins, maps and bike repairs. It’s definitely the place to be. One major downside: Vincent Gray, Mary Cheh and other politicos made remarks.

  • That picture makes it look like bike to work day happened like a hundred years ago! Cool!

  • Bike to work day 2012: my (locked) bike was stolen from a downtown bar during hh
    Bike to work day 2013: rode my motorcycle (bike stolen Tuesday morning from my house)
    Bike to work day 2014: planning sabotage now

  • Rosslyn was a great pit stop place this morning!

  • They gave away my t-shirt at the Adams Morgan pit stop, despite preregistration. No one even acknowledged me.

    I did, however, get nasty bike grease all over my grips for free along with a free brake adjust I should have done myself.

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