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A reader sends in this Craislist ad – and wonders if this the “Greatest Craigslist Personal Post Ever”?

One Man Needs Date to a Wedding – 28 (Northwest DC)

Due to a last minute cancellation (we do not speak of her name) I’m resorting to the powers of Craigslist to help me find a date for a wedding this weekend in Lexington, VA (i had to google it as well). If you’re still reading here are the facts and why you should come:

– you only yolo once
– you get to wear a dress
– open bar & food all night
– you get to pop n lock it w me on the dance floor (see pic 2)
– I can fly (see pic 3)
– I tend to ride a lion on top of horse (see pic 4)

more fun facts about your potential date:
– I have a degree
– I have a job
– I am a clean man
– I have never been arrested
– I don’t like murder

Looking for a well-rounded young lady that is educated, can dance, and is at least 21.

if interested you should please provide:
– a selfie
– brief resume
– your favorite color


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