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  • Terrible, out of focus photos.

  • I guess this is a good deal for a full house around the corner from the Argonaut… but the pics look dark and depressing.

    This is one of three-in-a-line interesting houses on the 1500 block of Gales Street. I think they are woodframed, and rather unlike any of the other woodframed historic houses on that block or in the surrounding neighborhood. It’s a nice street but there’s always a lot of loitering around the stoop of the house directly next door that would give me pause.

    Interestingly, this house is also listed as FSBO at $550,000. I think the owner’s intention to sell, plus the annoyance of loitering nearby and the dark depressing interior would cause me to steer clear.

  • I’m familiar with this block, and I second what the other commenter said about loitering neighbors. The price doesn’t seem outrageous, and you’re “close” to H St, but it feels a lot farther than it actually is in terms of walkability.

  • People “loitering”out on the stoop = scary!

    Or you know, hanging out on the stoop is part of the culture of the African American community. Those “loiterers” are nice people, as with the overwhelming majority of the people in the Kingman Park ‘hood or any other ‘hood in this city for that matter. I’ve chatted them up quite a few times in the evenings while walking home from H St or taking the dog out. Funny what a simple thing like smiling and saying “hi” can do.

    • Exquisite use of condescension!

    • I live in Rosedale and I love my block. That said, there’s a pretty significant contingent of ‘loiterers’, most of which aren’t from the neighborhood congealing lately. We’re on good terms. The problem is that they can’t seem to keep their shit above-board.

      If you want to smoke weed and drink, great. Hell, puff-puff, give! Just keep it on your porch, and don’t drop your trash everywhere. And for the sake of Jah, cool it with the language, there’s kids around. And speaking of kids, everyone should try to get along a little better with their moms. Being drunk and high all the time should mellow you out. It’s a waste of a good buzz to be fighting with ‘the person that had your kid’ all the time. And speaking of communicating, turn the volume down a notch. Everyone’s standing right here. No need to yell.

      That’s just the short-list, and it’s not too much to ask. I think it’s what they call being ‘neigh-bor-ly’.

      Oh, not too impressed with that rental. For $2500, it’s like their not even trying.

      • Absolutely. There is always a group of guys on the porch across the street near this house, and they are always super friendly and just hanging out and chatting. Nobody has a problem with that.

        Next to this rental, however, there’s often 10 or more people standing around blocking the sidewalk, smoking up and drinking and yelling obscenities at each other. It’s ridiculous (and offensive) to say that’s acceptable or something to be accommodated.

    • howabout I live in this area and there are constantly a bunch of teenagers screaming outside with no parental supervision, throwing trash all over the street and my yard, and making sexual comments to me when I walk by. If loitering was really just people sitting on their porches/outside, talking and socializing… I highly doubt people would have such a problem with it. I have no problem with the respectful people who sit outside.

      I hardly think I’m bashing the “culture of the African community” by being against young men sexually harassing women, throwing trash around, disrespecting their own parents and grandparents and screaming at all hours of the day. Sick of people saying it’s just a “cultural” thing and you can’t speak out against it. Doubt anyone has a problem with the people just going about their business, socializing on their stoops and not infringing upon other people.

      • you’re not. cornfield is just overly pc. most of us adults know the difference between good people and problematic people, regardless of race.

  • 3br and one full bath? For a family to rent, maybe. But for roommate situation? Negative, Ghost Rider.

  • Yea if the guy living there will be the landlord be careful. He can be unreasonable, rude and un-helpful. Though that will not stop him for asking something from you. So if you go to see this place and the family living there are the owners and the ones renting out beware.

  • My roommates and I looked at this location since it was a block away from our previous residence (landlord wanted to reno and gave us a 30-days notice).

    Anyways, the landlord at this location was a total creep who whispered to my male roommate and I that he would potentially be ‘using’ the basement apartment as his ‘workshop’ from time to time. He also let us know about his aversion to females renting the property due to their drama and that he preferred all males.

    Turns out on the second visit it was realized (after another whisper to us males) that by ‘workshop’ he meant he would be bringing his mistress by from time to time. All whilst his wife and family were upstairs and we were out front. My third roommate (female), was definitely rubbed that wrong way by him.

    I usually wouldn’t divulge all of this, but figured I’d warn people based on my experience. So beware and good luck if you already signed a lease there!

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