Table Now Taking Reservations in Shaw

903 N Street, NW

When Table first opened a couple months ago, they made a big deal about not accepting reservations. But sometimes popularity and lack of waiting space will change your mind. From an email:

As of today, it is possible to make reservations through the website. The restaurant will continue to welcome walk-in guests as well.

The decision came from the high degree of guest demand, coupled with the lack of space in the restaurant for waiting parties. Chef has heard from guests and taken action to respond.

So, guests are recommended (but not required) to make reservations.

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  • Hi. I’m a neighbor and still need to check out TABLE. Glad to hear that they are now taking reservations. In looking at the above picture, I immediately noticed that it was taking a while ago before the owner created an horrifically ugly enclosure of black milk crates on the right side of the building directly under the TABLE sign – to apparently hide his trash dumpsters. Unfortunately, the new enclosure is an eyesore that blights the front of the restaurant. It would have been better to simply leave the dumpsters alone… or figure out a better solution!

    • Good decision on the reservations. About the facade- it is a shame the dumpsters have to be front and center due to the lack of rear access. I find the enclosure attractive, and clever that they built it out of repurposed crates.

      • Yes, I do understand that they have no rear access, so the dumpsters need to be up front…

        I’m even impressed that they tried to come up with a green solution… BUT, the black of the milk crates just calls even greater attention to them. Maybe if they painted the whole enclosure white, it would at least blend in with the white accents of their logo and facade. Better yet, paint the enclosure white, and then start growing some sort of vine on it!

  • They actually started taking reservations last weekend. I know because I tried to make one and was told it would not be necessary if I came before six. I came before six, only to be mocked by the hostess for not making a reservation. The whole experience was odd. They were out of some foods we tried to order, which was comical because their menu is written in (erasable) pencil. We were seated at a shared table with another party, which was strange because the entire upstairs dining room (3 other four tops) was empty during the vast majority of our dinner. Some plates (pork belly) were great, others lacked flavor (chicken). We did communicate issues to the restaurant, so hopefully they get better. They deserve a chance to hear feedback and adjust, if they so desire.

  • Maybe (actually, certainly) I read too many kid’s books with items identified with their names, but I just want to scratch out “table” on the front wall and write in “wall.”

  • Place is phenomenal. Go to A & D right next door on 9th st for a drink while you wait and then maybe passenger for a night cap after and you have yourself a nice little night out.

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