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  • I like what they did here. With all the discussions about raising the high limits, growing smart, etc, this block shows how I would like to see DC grow.

  • I like what they did here too. The one thing I wish we would see in the new-construction brick facades is brick arches over the doors and windows.

    You can construct a tasteful series of buildings to blend in, like they have here, but the horizontal brickwork resting on an L-beam screams new construction.

    Not a complaint, but it’s not a tremendous added expense to really match the aesthetic of the historic facades.

  • I like it too. A clean design with plenty of historic detail. It’s a thoughtful new development.

  • Its almost as bad as the development on Monroe between 13th and 14th. Almost.

  • I want to know the name of the architectural firm hired to design this.

  • I very much like that the builder added cornices and transoms that make the buildings look like they could be original. That one little painted original house does stick out among the uniform brick. It would have been nicer if the new row homes had been painted to make them look not so uniform.

    • That has been our one minor complaint since moving in. The developer could have altered the roof lines slightly and perhaps even the facades to differeniate the units. Otherwise, we love the benefit of modern interior layouts and finishes with the historic details on the exterior.

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