New Cafe Coming to 511 Florida Ave, NW in Shaw


Thanks to a reader for sending word that some sorta cafe is coming to 511 Florida Ave, NW. I stopped by on Sunday to see if they were open yet but unfortunately they weren’t. But you can take a peek in the window:


Located just a few doors down from Thai Xing. More info as it becomes available.


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  • anyone know what type of cafe or business this will be?

  • My hope is that teddy of Teddy’s roti has finally taken my advice and is opening a shop closer to my house.

    But chances are its a pizza/coffee place.

    • Let Pizzaro stand as a warning to others considering going the pizza route of small business death — at least in pizza-soaked Shaw.

      • Judging by how empty it always was, I assumed it was terrible. Finally took the plunge and my worst fears were realized. I’d rather eat cat food.

        • I went once. I got the vegetable panini and it was very good. But the whole place made me feel uncomfortable. Even the employees seemed uncomfortable and insanely bored.
          It feels like a very confused place.

      • Used to love Pizarro but the last several times its been terrible.

        Have they gone out of business?

  • I just find it strange that there aren’t any permits on the building indicating what this is going to be. Not a lot of seating inside, either, so it must be something that will rely heavily on take-out…

    +1 on the Pizzaro verdict. It beats cat food, but definitely represents a more downmarket pizza in an area with better options.

    • Bacio is my standard… good crust.

      I also found it strange how “under the radar” this development has been.

  • Hmm Bistro Bohem’s little cafe isn’t too far from this, and it’s much more interesting/nice (imo)… but more coffee can’t hurt!

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