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  • The 7-Eleven style front door is a nice touch. Very discerning and avant-gard.

  • Looks like a Henry Moore.

  • I second the Moore guess. Probably worth a lot

    • If it’s a real Moore, why would you risk putting it in your front yard in urban NW DC? It’s worth more than the house itself. It’s only a matter of time before someone yanks it out of the ground.

      I’m thinking that this is probably a Moore-inspired sculpture. No one should leave $1 million laying around in their front yard.

  • I think this one qualifies as a sculpture (rather than “lawn decoration” – that made me laugh!)

  • I think that house looks rather forgettable from outside, but that sculpture has to be worth a pretty penny.

  • No angina over how out of place the pop up is, towering over the lovely two-story neighbors? Or the aggressively modernist facade? I am disappointed.

  • Lovely. Museum quality. Thanks to the owners for sharing the beauty on the avenue.

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