Carolina Restaurant for Sale in Columbia Heights

3700 14th Street, NW

The listing says:

“Real estate with restaurant for sale. Located 1/2 a mile from the Columbia Heights metro and Georgia Petworth metro. Excellent Visibility. Traffic count is over 13,000 vehicles per day. Restaurant has been opened since 1998. Sitting capacity is 48. Liquor license is included. Zoned C-2-A. Vacant side yard. Could be used for additional outdoor seating or building expansion. Check w/ zoning”

It’s going for $650,000. Seems a bit more than the nearby property we looked at yesterday.

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  • This doesn’t seem like an unreasonable price, though it’s difficult to tell what the market rate for something like this is. As someone who lives nearby, I’m inclined to think this is good news. It appears that at least they’re serious about selling (unlike Cooper hardware stores).

    Any update on the tavern that was supposed to go in the empty laundromat next to the Red Derby? Still on track? They still have a ‘for lease’ sign on the building…

    • There’s, what it looks like, a liquor license application sign on the window so it might still be on track.

      • The property owner is a real piece of work. He forced the laundromat out of business by jacking the rent when the lease was due to be re-upped. The idea was to take over the whole thing as it stood. It backfired when the tenant removed every single machine and interior finishing.

        I feel sorry for the people moving in, because chances are he’ll do the same thing when they start turning some profit.

  • sunsquashed

    Great news for the neighborhood! Carolina is a blight.

  • Oh thank god. That place is a pox on the neighborhood.

  • I am ridiculously excited about the potential here. Any other neighbors want to go in on buying this property?!

  • SO EXCITING. Can we share this with every potential restauranteur/aspiring chef in the region? I think this location has a lot of potential.

  • The liquor license alone makes that price incredible. That place has the potential to make a killing. Just don’t make the mistake that Mad Momos did and sell terrible food.

  • Finally. After all the fights that spilled out of that joint, I guess they got sick of it. I hope the new owner realizes they have rat burrows on the side strip of grass. The wooden ties used to hold in the dirt are gnawed through as access.

    A real restaurant would be a welcome addition.

  • I live half a block away on Spring and this dump is one of the banes of my existence — likely responsible for half the garbage I pick up on the street every weekend. Any change can only be an improvement, but I hope it goes to someone interested in opening a restaurant similar to some of the nice ones that line 11th Street. I agree with the comment about Mad Momos: very promising, nice renovation, mediocre food.

    • i am with Ed… we live right next to it. if i had checked out the neighborhood on a sunday night i would have NEVER bought our house…

  • Make it a barbecue/soul food place. You could call it ‘Carolina Restaurant.’

  • This seems dirt cheap if it really includes the building, restaurant and the liquor license.

  • i think the price is so low cause it comes with its clientele… can we pool our resources and raze it? oh wait, then where would all of DC’s rats go??? id rather have a walgreens or something like that… a YES! Market please??

    • The building right next to this place is for sale (the nice grocery). I really do love the proprietors at the grocery, and I’m sad the place is for sale, but someone could come in and get these two spaces and have the opportunity to do something a little big.

  • That is definitely not a side yard. That is public space and cannot be built on. You could potentially do outdoor seating.

  • I love Carolina-style BBQ, but this place was awful. Hopefully the new owners can get it together.

    • The name of the restaurant had nothing to do with Carolina BBQ….. I actually went once for dinner to get some Domincan food. It was tasty, but the strobe lights and blaring dance music were a bit much at 7 pm.

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