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“Crime Alert – Indecent Exposure – Second Incident This Month – Rose Park Area of Georgetown”

by Prince Of Petworth March 1, 2013 at 1:30 pm 12 Comments

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From MPD:

On Thursday, February 28, 2013, at approximately 7:45 pm, a female victim reported to the Metropolitan Police Department that while she was walking north in the 1200 block of 27th Street, NW, an unknown male subject was standing in the darkness in between the houses. As she passed, the subject called to her and upon turning she observed the male fully exposed masturbating.

The suspect in this offense is described as a white male of medium build and height, approximately 50 years old, with gray hair. The suspect was wearing a blue or black winter type hat, red hooded sweatshirt, black or dark blue spandex pants, and white tennis shoes.

In the past thirty days, this is the second incident of this nature with a similar suspect description in the area of Rose Park. (See posting from 2/10/2013 below) The Metropolitan Police Department, along with the United States Park Police, will be paying particular attention to this area. We once again ask for your assistance by reporting any suspicious behavior in the area by dialing 911.

See second incident after the jump.

On Saturday, February 9, 2013, at approximately 5pm, a lone female complainant stated she was walking in the 2300 block of P Street, NW, about to cross the P Street bridge walking towards DuPont, when she observed a subject standing off to the side of the west end of the bridge. As she passed she noticed he had his pants down to his ankles, fully exposing his genitals while staring directly at her. The victim hurriedly passed the subject and attempted to warn two females that were walking in the direction of the subject. As she explained to them what she observed him doing, the subject hastily mounted a bicycle and fled west bound on P Street in the direction of Rose Park.

The victim described the suspect as a white male, approximately 40 to 50 years old, of medium height, wearing a blue jacket.

Anyone with any information concerning this offense is asked to call the Second District Detectives Office on 202-730-1903, or our Command Information Center on 202-727-9099. The Metropolitan Police Department, along with the United States Park Police, will be paying particular attention to this area. We asked that you assist us by reporting any suspicious behavior in the area by dialing 911. The Metropolitan Police Department utilizes 911 for both Emergency and Non-Emergency calls for police service. Please don’t hesitate to call, even if it’s not an emergency.

  • Anonymous

    Not to ignore the seriousness of the crime alleged, but I had no idea there was a Rose Park section of Georgetown.

    • anon

      it’s right near Julia Child’s old house

  • There was one up in Glove Park recently too.
    Warm weather brings out the flowers and the freaks!

  • Dad?!?!?

  • I think I saw him two years ago on the other side of that park.

  • Anon

    He was dressed in red, white and blue. Maybe he was trying to make a point about sequestration.

  • DC Resident

    This past Monday, 2/25/2013 I was running along the Rock Creek Park
    trail right under the P street bridge in the Georgetown Area and I
    spotted a man, 40’s or 50’s, smiling at me while masturbating. I
    screamed, ran the other way and alerted another female. We called the
    both the Metro Police and the Rock Creek Park Police. Both of which
    who seemed less than interested. I also stopped a cop on the way home
    who first asked me “if he was minding his own business or, you know,
    looking at me…” before telling me that that is not his jurisdiction
    and I should “go home, go online and call park police”.

    I called Tuesday, Wednesday and just now to check to see if any
    reports were filed or officers dispatched. No one could tell me if
    they were and no one seemed very interested.

    I am EXTREMELY disturbed by this. The description in the post you
    posted online is the exact same description as what I saw and CLEARLY
    the Police are not concerned.

    • sv

      How infuriating and offensive to demean the incident like that. And even if it isn’t technically his “jurisdiction” it is his job to protect the public and I’m sure they have the ability to call the Park Police directly at the time.

      You should post your information on the 2nd District yahoo group in response to their alert about this crime:


      Sadly, calling them out publicly for incompetence / indifference is sometimes necessary to get MPD to pay attention.

  • Anonymous

    That is ridiculous. What if this whack job decides to assault someone? Are police really going to wait until someone gets hurt to take action? They could at least go check out the area and make sure he’s not hanging around…

    • Anonymous

      whack job . . . oh no . . .

  • This is infuriating. What was that cop so busy with that he couldn’t bothered to help you? What a jerk. I am sorry you had to see that, I am sure it was upsetting.

  • Sue

    The inaction on the part of the authorities would seem to be an invitation to vigilantes.


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