Another Restaurant, Compass Rose, Needs Your Support to Open Around U Street

1346 T Street, NW

Last week we learned about the plight of Fainting Goat hoping to open at 1330 U Street, NW. Now Compass Rose hoping to open in the former Cafe Collage space next to St. Ex seeks your help as well. In an email owner Rose Previte writes:

Compass Rose is located at 1346 T St, NW, at the corner of 14th and T, right next to St. Ex and across the street from Matchbox. We are a neighborhood tavern specializing in international street food. The concept is inspired by my recent travels around the world. I was living in Russia while my husband was working there as a journalist for NPR. We travelled like crazy for over two years. When we came back to D.C., the city we met in and lived in for over 6 years before moving to Russia, we decided to fullfill a lifelong dream and open a business. Compass Rose hopes to be a neighborhood meeting place where everyone feels wecolme. We want you to feel like you’re going on a tour of the world but that you still feel right at home.

Our menu is very much under construction but the focus will be on kabobs, baked meat and vegetable pies and Georgian cheese bread, called Khachapuri . We will feature wines from the small, former Soviet state of Georgia-a place we fell in love with while living in the region. Above all, we want to be a community gathering place where you come to share your troubles and toast your successes with friends while having a good meal and a great drink.

If that sounds like a good addition to the neighborhood you can sign a petition of support here. For those who live nearby, it is especially helpful if you are able to sign. When doing so please leave your cross streets. If all goes well they hope to open by late summer.

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  • this could be awesome! Georgian food – yummy!

  • Georgian food and wine are so unique and amazing! I can hardly wait for them to open.

  • Oh my goodness! For years I have wanted a place that does Georgian food. Please make this happen.

  • The difficulty with that space is that the entrance is that the entrance is not at street level. You have to climb the stairs, and you can’t gauge what the place is like until you’re at the front door already, so people don’t go in. I think that did in Cafe Collage, even though the place was chill, nice folks, and there’s plenty of foot traffic by coffee drinkers.

    I really wish these guys better luck though I don’t know how they solve their “8 feet too high” problem.

  • YES!! I have bemoaned the fact that DC didn’t have a Georgian restaurant. Had to cook Georgian food myself.

  • I am nervous the business growth on U Street will stop cold if new liquor licenses are banned. Is anyone organizing anything to fight this? What can individuals do to stop this from happening?

    • There will be no liquor license moratorium (imo). The ANC’s seem to be fully supportive of all the new bars/restaurants. The comunity meeting had far more supporters of more openings than had support for the moratorium.

  • This sounds awesome. But why hit the 14th St. strip that is inundated with restaurants that are glorified chains? Come to MtP where there is significant demand and a diverse population. The most recent restaurant to open in MtP has been going like gangbusters. We need more!

  • khachapuri!!!!!!!! <3 sign me up!

  • I was in Georgia many years ago and I actually have made Kchachapuri.
    Here’s hoping you will have that great tea from there that all the Russians drink as well. I do remember the wines as being fairly decent as well.

    Wishing you luck

  • Crazy. Just last night I searched to see if there were any Georgian restaurants in the area and came up empty. I was willing to drive to Baltimore for khachapuri and khinkali, and here’s a place that might open in my own neighborhood!

  • I love Georgian food and wine!

  • Like others here, I’m a fan of Georgian food. Here’s hoping it will be well-executed.

  • Fuck yeah!

  • Rose, I hope you have a good cook

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