913 U Street, NW For Lease, Also Heads Up While at Velvet Lounge


Back in 2011 we learned a restaurant was coming to the former Metrolab building that had been completed gutted at 913 U Street, NW. After little visible progress the past year a new for lease sign has gone up out front.

And while we’re on the block – a reader sends a heads up about some recent thefts at Velvet Lounge:

Two saturdays ago I was at Velvet Lounge. I had my purse on me the entire time, but had my jacket, with my keys in the pocket, hanging on one of the pegs on the wall. When I got home, no keys. At first I thought they might’ve fallen out but now I believe otherwise. Friday night, at Velvet Lounge, a group piled their stuff together on some chairs, including my friend’s purse (not the smartest, I know). Her wallet was taken out of her purse, $400 in credit card charges were incurred before she found out and canceled everything (obviously a short time span). That SAME NIGHT, another friend’s iphone was taken from her jacket at Velvet. I now think someone took the keys hoping a car key was on there.

Either a regular is there multiple nights a week stealing things or someone working there? I don’t know. But people should be aware.

Last month another reader sent word Purse Nabbings at Bars.

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  • Some people suck :/

  • that really does suck to have this happen to you, but i am wondering why the conclusion was drawn that it possibly might have been someone who worked there, or a regular? why not just someone who was in there, saw an opportunity to steal, and then figured they got away with it the first time, why not try again?

  • A “regular” in the sense they are there on different nights taking things.

  • people get too comfortable leaving valuables unattended in bars and clubs. when youre out for a night, only take in there what you need to get in the door and get home (under normal or emergency circumstances)…phone, keys, wallet. and you dont need your entire wallet, just your ID and whatever form of payment. if you didn’t drive, just take your house key and put it in your bra. phones are trickier, but are part of the emergency ‘get home’ plan. if you must, get a clutch, a bag with a wrist strap or a small, crossbody one. and if you DO set your purse down, remove everything you need to get home….phone, keys wallet.

    • You have lots of “rules”.

    • I agree Regardless of where you are, your purse should stay on your person. Leaving it under a DJ booth, jackets, etc. is careless. When I go out, I use my over shoulder bag w/only the necessities. Shit happens but I’d rather be apart of preventing it by using common sense.

    • You’re right really. Why do people bring so much to a bar with them?! It’s like think a bit before you go out. Sometimes I’ll just take some cash, my ATM card, ID, keys and phone which all fit in my pockets. I mean I certainly don’t excuse theft, but that shit can happen anywhere. Would you just leave your valuable lying around outside unattended?

  • My wallet was stolen out of my purse there as well, about three weeks ago. I had left it by the DJ booth under a bunch of coats. I had friends DJing, so I figured it would be safe-ish. But no. Just to say, from my and other friends’ experience, this is not a rare thing at Velvet. Shit gets stolen there. The person who stole it must have some DC WMATA know-how bc he/she managed to deplete the $315 I had stored on my card by the next morning, when I realized it was missing. SmarTrip didn’t protect against that, because it “wasn’t reported in time” by the time I called at noon on Saturday.

  • Go old school and carry cash and an ID in your pocket.

  • Happened to me about a month ago at the Velvet Lounge too!

  • In a similar situation, my wallet was stolen from Dodge City this past weekend. Total idiot move on my part to leave my stuff relatively unattended. Thankfully, was able to cancel my cards before they were used but did find out attempts to use them were made at a Hertz rental car in the Oklahoma City Airport. Funny – my keys and phone were still left in my bag.

  • Yeah, I’ve learned the hard way that even the tiniest slip is an invitation to be robbed when you’re at a bar. A few years ago at Wonderland Bathroom I accidentally left my purse in the women’s restroom, which I realized in the instant the next girl went in behind me. I waited outside the door and after she was done, I popped in and grabbed my purse–she was in there with it for no more than a minute or two.

    10 minutes later I went to buy a drink and all my cash and credit cards were gone. I hadn’t thought to take a good look at the girl, and couldn’t for the life of me clearly recalled what she looked like. And this was at a time I wasn’t making much money, and the $100 I lost was a really large amount of money to me. UGH–people suck indeed.

  • Yeah, Velvet Lounge definitely has a reputation for lots of items getting stolen. I won’t go there unless it’s warm weather and I don’t need to bring a coat.

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