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  • Looks much better. Too bad it’s located at that horrible, awkward ghetto intersection

    • It wont be ghetto for too much longer as they keep fixing up the buildings to look like this one. I remember when down the road the 18th/U/Florida intersection was full of prostitutes and was awkward and ghetto.

    • wow, if that intersection is “ghetto” then I live in the damn Ritz!

    • not sure “ghetto” is the word you were looking for. “developing” yes… but this isn’t Langston

    • Maybe people don’t like your vocabulary, but it is an awkward intersection.
      3 gas stations, strange road configurations.
      Whacked out traffic/ crosswalk signals.
      Tons of cars
      Narrow sidewalks
      Shitty bulletproof post office

      If people think that its currently a great intersection, they’re not paying attention.
      I’d love to see the gas stations disappear and the roads reconfigured.

      • it will only be a matter of time… once the U street scaping project finishes I bet they will work their way down Florida. if they aren’t planning on it… then the citizens should demanding it. the whole road is in horrible shape

      • “I’d love to see the gas stations disappear and the roads reconfigured.”

        Me too… as long as they don’t reconfigure the intersection to resemble the New York Ave./Florida Ave. one!

        • if they did that florida avenue would simply implode from absurdity.

        • Seriously — the redesigned New York / Florida Ave intersection ended up being so much worse than the old one. Traffic engineering must be as dismal a science as economics.

    • and soon you won’t be able to afford that ghetto

    • can we stop using ghetto as an adjective? the term you’re looking for is hood. and this is definitely not the ghetto and not even anything that can really be described as hood

  • we live two blocks away and pass this every day on the way to work. this developer is doing a phenomenal job of doing a top quality job on this building. its really quite amazing – the careful restoration of the masonry was actually shockingly well done. I was skeptical when this project started but at this point having watched them do the work I am going to recommend it to friends when it comes up for rent. Great to see a developer who isn’t taking the cheapest route.

    • +1. The masonry restoration has been very, very well done. I can’t even guess how expensive it’s been, given how long it’s taken and how many workers it’s required. Hats off to the developer for spending the money for such quality. Someone get that guy a CoO!

  • this looks great!

  • You could not PAY me to live in a former funeral home no matter what they do to it.

  • No way would I ever live there. Knowing that the place was an old funeral home is just too creepy for me.

    • Right. Because that’s not a fate that will ever await you. You’ll live forever, unlike those schmucks who made the silly mistake of dying and who had their remains disposed of in places like this. Of course, the reality of dying outside one’s home (hospitals, etc.) is actually only a fairly recent invention. As little as 75 years ago it was barely possible to live in a home containing a room that someone — and by someone, I mean someone the occupants knew well, and loved — hadn’t died in. Meaning: that were you to buy a renovated rowhouse in LeDroit Park or Bloomingdale, only mere feet away, the chances are very good that you’d be purchasing a home that someone drew their last breaths in. Every old home in DC is, in some limited sense, an old funeral home. Try cultivating (a) a sense of the past, and (b) a more comprehensive understanding of the realities of life.

  • Totally agree with Anonymous 12:02. The developer is doing a fantastic job on this. There should be a special commendation from the DC government for anyone who removes formstone and restores a building as well as this one is being restored. I’d love to take a tour when it’s all done.

    This is an awkward intersection, though. It screams for some sort of planning help. Ghetto? Perhaps, but less so every day. Three gas stations in a row don’t help.

  • This place is across from a closed post office, LeDroit Station at 416 Florida Ave., NW, with a big empty parking lot. If not for the traffic (I can imagine some ugly scenes), I have always thought that it would make a great beer garden or other such venue with lots of outdoor seating.

  • Hate the intersection, love the building.

    Someone will probably overpay for living in a major thoroughfare combined with a parking lot.

    That said, I hope they re-do Florida Ave. The roads are in terrible condition and that whole intersection needs to be reconfigured. It’s a mess.

  • So, are there any streetscaping plans in the works for this stretch of Florida ave?

  • I pass this building all the time. Major improvements!!!

  • Well, now it is time to change that intersection, I suggest to simply remove that awkward nub of S Street joining 4th Street, make a triangular park where that Post Office sits. Not only it would look much better, but also would prevent countless accidents that happen there.

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