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  • Now if only the other two locations would close!

    • Agreed…. a million times over. If you’re confused why I would support a local chain closing like this, just check out the reviews at the Columbia Heights location.


  • that Tynan is very small….no where near the size of a typical Le Pain Sh*tidien


    • Whoa, why all the Tynan hate? I’ve only been to the CH location a few times, but it was totally fine and better than Starbucks, no?

  • Better hurry and close the Columbia height location so that some other business can open in its place. The first/last time I visited any of their stores was when it opened in Columbia Heights. Bad service so completely avoided them ever since.

  • This place will be sorely missed.

    If you’re honest, you’ve got to hand it to Tynan’s management and ownership for striving to and succeeding in providing rude service and a poor product at a high price. Mission accomplished.

    The only place that does it better is Tortilla Coast.

  • i’ve never been inside any of them, but glancing through the windows, and seeing their signage, i always felt like it was they type of place that would fit in quite well at an airport. it seem to exude that sterile, couldn’t-possibly-offend-anyone kind of vibe as if designed and tested through multiple multi national, multi ethnic, multi denominational committees so the fat and all sense of expression and individuality was striped bare to produce a truly efficient model of clarity.

    like, i bet they have their own brand of bottled water. if not, well, that’s free advice for them…..

    though now looking at it while not walking briskly by, those graphics are supposed to be latte art, huh?

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