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  • I love the place but really wish they would stay open later in the evening. It might have changed in recent weeks, but closing at 6 pm really is way to early!!

  • Alas, not wheelchair accessible, despite only one step as a “readily achievable” barrier removal.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Speaking of Deloreans, in Naples, FL there is a used Delorean store. They usually have about 15 at a time. I haven’t been successful in getting my grandpa to buy one.

  • Great spot. Found the coffee excellent and the owner and staff to be friendly and informative. Only thoughts for improvement are that they should stay open in the evenings – I would definitely go more if they were open to 8 or so and once the weather turns nice they should put out more patio seating.

  • I love this place. No nonsense, good coffee, great vibe. I’m not one to linger in coffee shops but this place makes me want to stay and sit down and enjoy my cup of coffee.

  • Meh, super cute inside and thrilled something is now here, but the coffee was BAD. Will try again soon.

    • Interesting comment. I’ve ordered coffee here a few times and found it delicious. Did you order a pour over or drip? I ordered pour overs each time, so maybe that is the difference. The pour over takes more time, but I think it is well worth it.

      Overall, I echo what the other posters like (cool space, friendly staff) and suggest about this place (longer hours and more outdoor seating).

  • It’s probably my favorite coffee spot right now. I’ve only had lattes and they’ve been yummy. Bagels and muffins have been good, too. Friendly staff, not pretentious.

  • Very, very cute spot. What’s interesting is that it’s not on a commercial strip but back in a neighborhood. That gives it a mellow vibe.

  • jpsauva

    AWESOME! Great coffee/bfast options, sweet urban ambience and the owner(s) are super friendly.

    PLUS its one of the only LOCAL spots in my U street hood.

    Thanks for making my partner’s Saturday mornings a bit sweeter with the fresh scones!

  • I really like this place- I wouldn’t say their coffee is the best ever, but the ambiance, decor, and community vibe totally makes up for it.

  • As one of several commenters to PoP who wondered how an establishment in this location could ever get adequate foot traffic, I’m quite impressed by the crowds TCB draws. (Alas, it is so crowded that seating is seldom available on weekend afternoons. We’ve had better luck getting seats at the tiny Peregrine outlet on 14th St.!) When one can get a seat (weekday mornings are the most promising times), TCB proves an excellent asset to the neighborhood. Very nice coffee and pastry products, friendly staff, and an extremely pleasant atmosphere.

  • Great place, but the clientele tend to internet squat way too long after finishing their drinks. Wish they could add more seats inside the place.

    Hopefully they’ll have an outdoor seating!

  • great location… and needed in that stretch of S. It looks like their baked goods comes from the same place that Chinatown Coffee gets theirs (they are very tasty!). I’m only going on appearance and taste here… I don’t have any actual knowledge to verify this… but maybe someone else does?

  • I LOVE this place. It seems to be doing well in this location too, surprisingly.

  • It’s really good! The cappuccinos are awesome and the pastries (muffins, chocolate croissants, scones) are super tasty. I heard once they put up outdoor signage in the spring that they’re going to add more seating.

  • I don’t understand their “no pour-overs before 11 am” policy. Other coffee shops have figured out how to incorporate those into their rush hours. Can’t they just charge more for them? Their drip coffee is okay. Overall, I would come here more if they had hot breakfast options and earlier pour-overs.

  • I stopped in last weekend. The cappuccino was spot on. The ambiance was chill. I had a spot a the bar but could have taken a seat if I had wanted to. I expect they’ll be successful.

  • i’ve never been there, but it looks fantastic!

  • Cool spot, espresso drinks were on point, service kinda slow though

  • This is the best coffee I’ve ever had. I pop in whenever I’m on S Street. Love it. And love that it’s in such a surprising, unexpected spot.

  • It is a cool place and the lattes are probably the best around. Only problem is that the seating kind of sucks. They should get rid of the long table in the middle and put in multiple two seaters or something.

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