• scott

    I love cars. I’ve never been so giddy like a school girl when a friend let me take his around the block five years ago. It’s slow, heavy had an engine made by Renault and I think Peugot. 0 to 60 was measured on a Mayan calander. Last time I checked you could pick up a nice example for 30,000. A company in texas started restoring them again and has had some great success. There are faster cars, more expensive cars, better looking cars but nothing is cooler then a dmc-12. the speedo does not even go past 80.

    • Anonymous

      After production ended, there were supposedly warehouses loaded with leftover parts in Northern Ireland. Decades later, that guy in Texas bought them all and has been putting together “new” Deloreans out of the old parts, with tech and performance upgrades. Very cool!

      • ClevelandDave

        That guy in Texas (DeLorean Motor Company) bought those part from Consolidated Industries in Columbus Ohio about six years ago. For 40,000 you can have a “new” DeLorean made with new and old (unused) parts and zero miles.

    • ClevelandDave

      Made by a combination of Pugot, Volvo and Renault (PRV) engine. 2.8 liters, six cylinders. Not terribly fast but not super slow either. Esp with a manual transmission. No other production stainless steel cars, and few with gullwing doors. When you see an MR 2 or a Fiero, you’re looking at later, successful knockoffs of the basic, rudimentary design concept.

      1982 DeLorean Owner

  • scott

    oh yea and that’s an early 81. because of the fuel filler door on the hood the later ones were inside the hood.

  • Sharon

    Ha! My husband was pumped when he saw this parked at Whole Foods earlier this week!

  • ET

    I find this hysterical. When this was new it would NOT have been a car just parked on the street. It would be valet parked or in covered parking at home.

  • Anonymous

    Bummer. First the speed camera ticket for 53 over in a 35. Then the City won’t offer you reciprocity when you say you’re from “the future.” And finally, two minutes over two hours in what was TOTALLY non-zoned parking!

    • Anonymous

      Funny post – FYI, the ticket was for an improperly affixed from license plate or something like that. Not my car, but I must have walked by the same morning and was curious. Usually this car has a full cover over it when parked on the street.

  • oats

    Fortunately he’ll be able to go back in time and avoid ever getting that parking ticket.

  • Anonymous

    ha! usually this car is covered… love a DeLorean. Love Michael J. Fox.

  • it’s difficult to find 1.21 gigawatt batteries

    • Even tougher to find a flux capacitor…

  • PilatesLover

    So, my husband has a Delorean as well (we also live in Logan Circle but don’t park it on the street so it is less visible). I’ve always thought it’s a bit odd but I am glad to hear about all of the positive DeLorean-loving around DC!

  • anonnnnnnn

    It was sitting at the Gtown gas station tow place for weeks.


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