The Coffee Bar Opening Thurs. or Fri. at 12th and S St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth December 12, 2012 at 11:30 am 19 Comments

12th and S St, NW

In late October we finally learned who would be moving into the long vacant retail space at the corner of 12th and S St, NW. I stopped by yesterday and was told The Coffee Bar will be opening on Thursday or Friday (depending on some final paperwork.) Hours will be 7am-6pm. The space wasn’t completely photo ready but you can tell it’s gonna be pretty sweet. It is dominated by a huge bar and will have seating for around 35-40. There will be “no rules” wifi available. There will be pastries and Bethesda bagels among other eats. And of course we are talking some serious coffee here. The Cadillac of Coffee makers- La Marzocco:

  • DC

    Hopefully the “no rules” wifi won’t last long. It is very frustrating to have a neighborhood spot that is always packed with people who are not continuing to patronize the business. It’s anecdotal, but I would say that 50% of the time I try to go to my neighborhood coffee shop, I skip it because the only option is carry-out. I would reserve half the seats for no laptops/ipads if I were running the place.

    Looks like a very cool place though.

    • Agreed. I like the wifi setup in most European coffee shops I’ve visited: your receipt has a unique passcode printed on it that gives you 30-60 minutes of wifi usage. If you need more time, buy another product & get another receipt. That’s fair to everyone and very transparent.

      • Why do you hate freedom, America, and wifi-leeching hobos?

  • Joey

    What is it called? Website or Facebook page?

    • Anonymous

      Going out on a limb here, but from the text (“was told The Coffee Bar will be opening”) and the giant TCB artwork in the pics, it will be called the Coffee Bar.

    • Anonymous

      2 seconds on google: http://www.thecoffeebardc.com/

      • Anon

        Am I missing something or does it not have their hours on there?

        • Anonymous

          Didn’t see their hours on their own website (TCB owners: fix this!), but from Borderstan: Shop hours are 7 a.m to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

          Will they not have *any* food? No mention of anything, not even stale muffins, on their website menu page.

          • Anon

            Thanks for the info. What about a coffee shop that actually stays open past 6?

          • The most recent article in their website’s buzz section confirms the info above that there will be pastries and bagels. Looking forward to checking it out this weekend!

          • Calm down, children. Let them get their bearings before demanding longer hours and more food options. It’s probably going to take at least a month before they work out all the kinks in the coffee side of the operation alone. How they deal with the flow of customers, number of people making coffee, physical placement of ingredients & supplies, etc. Not to mention accounting, tweaks to the physical space, and supply management. They’ll need time to get things running smoothly.

            If the experience with The Coop taught local business owners anything its that you shouldn’t over-promise & under-deliver. Start small, figure out where your strengths & weaknesses lie, and then expand your operations & offerings.

          • “What about a coffee shop that actually stays open past 6?”

            They’d have to hire more staff for an extra shift for the sake of staying open late and watching people leech WiFi. Why write that into the initial business plan when you can always add it later?

  • 12/12/2013
    The Coffee Bar at 12th and S St, NW Applies for Liquor License

  • ooooh I miss pulling coffee on a La Marzocco. The worst thing Howard Schultz ever did was putting in those automated machines. Will have to try this place out some weekend.

  • teej

    The Blind Dog, U Street Cafe, and now the Coffee Bar…. what do they have in common? They all close before most people get home from work. I am hoping that the limited hours are a temporary phenomenon as they adjust (and as an earlier commenter highlighted), otherwise it will likely be another coffee shop that I would love to go to regularly, but won’t be able to except during the occasional weekend.

  • The hours debate is interesting. I agree with others that The Coffee Bar will have to wait and see how it goes before expanding hours. However, a thought on the other side of expanded hours is that Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe at U St and Florida Ave is open until 9 pm. I met someone for coffee here one night recently and we were the only ones there at 7 pm. It serves quality coffee (Ceremony Coffee as will The Coffee Bar) and has a cool space in a pretty good location, but nobody was there. It might not pay to stay open beyond 6 pm. Either way, I hope The Coffee Bar (and Pleasant Pops for that matter) does well and I am eager to try it when it finally opens.

  • Welcome to the neighborhood! I’m not a coffee drinker but will drop by for tea or something…

  • otberbur

    This place looks promising. Hoping there will be sufficient seating capacity than we can find a place to sit during prime weekend hours when other well-regarded espresso bars such as Peregrine and Filter tend to be 100 percent full. I’m not sure that “no rules” wifi during the weekends is such a good idea; this may be less of a problem during the week, at least at first, given the lack of foot traffic on that stretch of S Street.

  • Anonymous



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