Gordon Biersch Brewery Opening in April in Navy Yard

Back in Dec. 2012 we learned that a huge Gordon Biersch Brewery restaurant was coming to Navy Yard near the baseball stadium. Looks like they’re hoping to be open by opening day.

1st and M St, SE

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  • Ha cha cha! Any other place to happy hour after work is awesome. Now if only Park Tavern would get its act together. At this rate, Bluejacket will open before they do…

  • I read that Park Tavern was definitely going to open sometime in Feb. I wonder if the upcoming Bluejacket will have a happy hour? And does Kruba Thai have a happy hour?

    • Churchkey has a happy hour, so I would hope that Bluejacket would follow suit. I don’t know that Kruba has a happy hour yet, but I spotted a yelp review that says they’re planning on starting one soon.

  • That area still seems desolate to me. A lot of vacant land and underused buildings…

    • Where is there vacant land? I guess you could argue there aren’t enough mixed-use buildings.

      • Everywhere where they torn down successful businessess I.E. the gas station site next to the stadium, the gas station site across from McDonalds, the site that used to be KFC and what not, the site where Dominoes used to be…I could go on. The area isn’t blooming like they thought it would. Office buildings with over 50% vacancies

        • Office demand is low, for sure. Residential demand is high, however. There’s a decent amount of stuff around (for a 2,000 person neighborhood), you just got to know where it is. The recession stalled development from 2007-2011, and stuff just started picking back up again. The amount of projects opening in 2013-2014 is staggering.

          (boilermaker shops, cornercopia, kruba, the park, canal park rink).

          • What changes is Cornercopia making?

          • Yeah, I hope this area picks up more. I drove down there a few weeks ago and it’s a remarkable transformation from when there were homeless people staying warm from fires in garbage bins.

            However, we’ve seen this dance before in other cities where they thought a new baseball stadium would be enough to spur growth and it just doesn’t seem to be enough. It worked in Baltimore, but other cities havent seen nearly that much success.

          • Just out of curiosity, where have new stadiums failed to spur development?

    • Georgetown will continue to decline. friendship heights will continue to stay the same. downtown will become nicer but in 15 years this will be the nicest area of the city.
      In 5 it will be very popular.

      Right now? Meh. But things change.

  • I typed the order of my post wrong. I was listing cool stuff already open, not upcoming projects. The Bluejacket, Park Tavern, BBQ, Agua 301, Teeter, Vida Fitness, Salon/Spa, Osteria Morini, GB, Nando’s, and Buzz Bakery should be enough for people saying there is nothing there.. Just not sure if the ‘hood has the population density to support all that stuff until the new apartment buildings open up. (Which I believe won’t be before 2014-2015).

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