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Huge Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Coming to Navy Yard

by Prince Of Petworth December 3, 2012 at 10:22 pm 25 Comments

1st and M St, SE

A Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is coming to 100 M Street, SE near the baseball stadium and Navy Yard metro. The liquor license application says:

“New full service restaurant and brewpub with occasional live music. Serving American cuisine, including steaks and seafood. Total Occupancy Load is 346, number of seats inside is 326, number of Sidewalk Café seats is 26, and number of Summer Garden seats is 64.”

You can see their menu here. There is currently a Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant at 900 F Street, NW in Penn Quarter.

  • monkeyrotica

    Cool. So all the beer snobs can go to Blue Jacket and everyone else can come here.

    • Anonymous

      thatsa what im thinking too.

  • Anonymous

    Say what you want about a big chain locating here, but the food at Gordon Biersch, while nothing special, is at least consistent, and their beers are actually very good. And the ballpark area needs a big place like this. It’ll be packed before and after games, like their sister restaurant the District Chophouse, before and after Caps and Wizards games.

    • anon

      agree.. their beers are pretty decent.

    • Anonymous

      a chain brewpub is pretty much still a micro brew. theirs happens to be quite good beer.

      • The beers are good. I just wish the burgers matched the brews in quality.

        • Anonymous

          yeah, i was just talking their beer.
          but i do like their crab cakes and garlic fries.
          really, the food aint all that.

    • Nicoli

      Also, SW needs a singles meat market and a giant Gordon Biersch should fit that perfectly.

      • sbc

        This is in SE.

        But I still like Gordon Biersch. They have a pretty great vegetarian selection.

  • Off topic – when did this blog become PoPville instead of Prince of Petworth? Just curious how I missed it.

  • That Man A


    pretty indifferent to the news
    it will be good for the game traffic…. but idk how it will do once the area next to park is open(forget the name of it but it will be set up similar to union market)

  • Nicoli

    Date on when they might open? This will be great for happy hours with my Dept of Transportation peeps.

  • Welcome to DC

    Everyone in that neck of the woods should also check out Kruba Thai behind the DOT near the Potbelly. Some of the best Thai I’ve had in DC and the interior is gorgeous. I hope that place gets packed during the summer. Will be fun to visit after Friday night waterfront concerts.

    • +1

    • Caroline

      I concur with this. I’d seen a few interior shots of Kruba (maybe on this site) but I was still blown away by how gorgeous it is. Of course it gets a lot of natural light, but what I couldn’t get over was the carved wood pieces EVERYWHERE. And the details are marvelous too– pretty plates and serving dishes, bamboo chopstick holders, carved wood menu covers. Even the check came in a little handpainted box. It was delightful!

    • monkeyrotica

      Third Kruba. I don’t even like Thai that much and I was impressed. Decent prices, quality food, solid service. Makes the other Thai places on the Hill look like a pile of tom yum puke.

      • Anonymous

        there are other thai places on the hill?

        • monkeyrotica

          Old Siam and Sanphan are the two I know of, neither of which compare to Kruba.

    • D

      I’ll fourth it. I’d heard it was owned by the same people as Regent (where I eat at least once a week) and like checking out the development in the Navy Yard area, so stopped by shortly after they opened. It’s as good, if not better, than Regent. Did they get their liquor license yet? Bet it’ll fill up a bit more once they do.

      • Welcome 2 DC

        Yes, full service bar is up it seems.

  • Re:Total Occupancy
    Maybe my math is off but 326 +26+64=416, not 346

    • Anonymous

      Maybe to account for the staff and others who aren’t seated?

      • Anonymous

        Oops, sorry, thought the total was higher than the counts, but now see it’s the other way around….

    • Your math is right but my guess is that Total Occupancy Load applies to interior spaces and therefore doesn’t include the outdoor seating (Sidewalk and Summer Garden.)


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