World Liquor becomes World Wine and Spirits in Hill East

15th and Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Speaking of liquor stores, a reader gives props to World Wine and Spirits:

My corner, at 15th and Penn S.E., is undergoing a fair amount of change, and the longtime liquor store on the corner there, World Liquor, is renovating and re-making itself … with hopes of becoming a destination for craft beers, etc. The bulletproof glass is down. The store is renovated inside and is now going by “World Wine and Spirits.” Richard Lee, the owner, has reached out to neighbors, asking for their recommendation on what he should stock, etc. I believe he also plans to do tastings.

I was personally pleased to walk in there today and see a beer from my hometown, Kansas City … Boulevard, which I didn’t think was available on the East Coast. Richard is also now carrying Lagunitas, Great Lakes, etc.

I stopped by as well and the place looks great. They even have a good Sake selection.

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  • Definitely looks more hospitable but that corner has been “challenging.” I think there is a bus stop there that is one of the last before the bridge and seems to be a “active “corner for some reason and there have been problems there – though not necessarily at this business.

  • Wow, that’s crazy, I was there maybe two months ago (might have been longer) and they still had bulletprooof glass and a sign that said “absolutely no masks allowed” or something similar.

    I’m going to check this place out either this evening or tomorrow. My only comment is that Harris Teeter has a very good beer selection, is open till midnight, and just recently stepped up its craft beer selection (Founders, Bell’s etc.). World Wine will need to have a pretty good selection to compete with that while also keeping their prices in check. They should also consider selling bombers like Schneider’s. Best of luck to them, though. I hope the neighborhood is ready for them.

  • Two bad they don’t make craft 40oz for T who is always hanging out front.

  • i wonder if this was part of a facade grant. there is a liquor stor at first and rhode island that changed there name not that long ago to remove the “liquor”. Thats how they got the money for their new paint job and signage. some “main streets” or “great streets” revitalization initiative.

  • I too wish them luck but wonder about the longterm prospects. The “liquor” store at 15th and Indepence has also gone upscale, as has the convenience store at 15th and East Capitol (the Cupboard). Even the SE Markert on 15th has cleaned up and offers Leffe with its tallboys. There may not be enough craft beer drinkers to keep them all in business!

  • I was floored when I walked by the other day and saw how different it looked. Are there any confirmations about what’s going in the lot across the street next to Wisdom?

  • DC CapHill

    Dope! That’s my ‘hood, and as long as I ride dirty down there, I should be able to purchase all of my hoity-toity craft beers and still make it home with a mostly full clip!

    I kid, I kid….kinda.

  • Stopped by and it’s lovely! Nice selection of craft beers, wines, and champagne! Mr. Lee asked if there is something you would like him to carry, he would try to get it! I thought the prices were reasonable.

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