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  • Their menu changes frequently, as they’re always adapting to what’s fresh, local, and seasonal, but their cocktails are generally can’t-miss. And the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and milk are almost worth a trip on their own!

  • impressive cheese selection.

  • I had one of my best ever meals in DC there. Not cheap, but really, really good.

  • Delicious all around, but WAY overpriced, in my opinion.

  • They are tasty, have a great wine selection, and are allergy friendly.

  • I tried the lamb shoulder and it was very fatty and thus gamey. The seared blue fish was decent. The scallop ceviche had a lot of potential but lacked flavor. The best thing there is there selection cheeses and meats, but that isn’t hard to mess up. Overall I would say that there food is decent at best.

  • I went on a first date there for the gilled ceese bar, and very much enjoyed it… althoughI’ll admit, i don’t know how you can eff up grilled cheese. But I liked the place and the staff was very personable. Like people have said,if it was just a tad less expensive, I’d probably be more inclined to go back for dinner.

  • I think they would do better if they changed the name to Thunderbird or Mad Dog 20/20.

  • I’ve been once.
    Exceptional ambience. Nice decor. Very good wine selection. Knowledgeable bartenders and waitstaff.
    Portion sizes for food were somewhat small. The food was good but not particularly memorable, which I expected given the backstory and the pricing.
    The desserts were very good. A bit dissappointed that we could not order straight from Sugar Magnolia while dining at Ripple. Not sure why that is. I will have to go back to try the ice cream sandwiches.
    Consensus from our group was that it was a worthwhile outing for that night but not a strong candidate for a repeat visit – at least for dinner.
    The bar is worth repeat visits.

  • Went there for a celebratory menu with the bf earlier this year because we’d been intrigued by the menus, and were disappointed. Portions were very small and we both left somewhat hungry, and prices were definitely high for the portion sizes we got. I’d recommend a meal at Lincoln over Ripple for similar concept with better prices and way more filling portions.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    The owner and his wife are on the Board of Directors of the
    Washington Animal Rescue League.


    They have had events that benefit the League including a wine tasting.

  • I’ve been there once and would go again. Food, service and ambiance were all quite good. At first the prices didn’t seem unreasonable based on other similar places in D.C., but after ordering two appetizers, cheese, wine and an entree (that my date and I split), the bill was high. but then again, I am always kinda surprised by how much my bill is at the end of the night 😉

  • Had a decent meal there and got really good wine recs from the waiters but it was such a snobbed out dining experience. That was a while ago, so maybe they’ve chilled with foodieness.

  • Sugar Magnolia into Ripple is pretty sweet. Double encore. Just wondering if the Ripple was acoustic or electric?

  • Ripple’s house-made terrines are delicious. We like picking out a nice bottle of wine from the liquor store nearby and bringing it with us to the restaurant. $10 corkage fee is pretty good for DC.

  • It’s overpriced, underportioned, but tasty. The first two are enough to get me not to go back though. I like to be full after a pricey meal.

  • Ripple is great. Good food (like so many new DC establishments, it’s pricy small plates) and a good wine selections with some reasonable prices.

  • Had a very good meal there and would definitely go back again. Definitely worth a try if you want to experience food.

  • Service among the worst on the planet.

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