Ripple Expands in Cleveland Park

by Prince Of Petworth January 27, 2011 at 4:30 pm 8 Comments

We learned back in Nov. that Ripple would be expanding into the old Foot Solutions space at 3415 Connecticut Ave, NW. For those who remember the bar Aroma, it is a wild transformation of 3417 Conn. Ave but it looks great and the expansion mirrors the original space. Anyone try them out yet? You can see their menus here.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I forgot to add that like nearby Palena, they also plan on opening a small market in front of the expansion (3415 space).

  • bloom

    Yes, so we’ve got Ardeo now doubled in size as they opened up the wall with Bardeo, Palena doubled, and Ripple doubled.

    It is all very good, only it’s also all very expensive. I like, I like, but am looking forward to specials. We can’t only survive on 4 small plates! Looks like it’s mainly CP for “special moments”, Meridian Pint, Radius, and Noodles for everyday lives!

    We need a TRYST!! Where is the rocket scientist who hasn’t figured out we’ve got 100,000 young females in CP.

  • RS

    Ripples is great! A wonderful bartender and an encyclopedic sommelier/wine director, it’s our favourite bar in Ward 3. The expansion area is a bit quieter/roomier than the main section.

  • PG

    I can’t help but think of really cheap wine when I hear “Ripple.”

    • Florista

      First thing I thought, too!

    • Jake Scheisman

      I assume they’re trying to be ironic. Food’s pretty good, anyway.

  • MH

    Fantasic (and attractive) service.

  • tee anders

    The food is fantastic and they have an incredibly knowledgeable staff, quite skilled at wine pairings. Hands down some of the best food and wine around. A bit pricey, though. Sit at the bar – the service and attention to detail is worth it.


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