Another Taylor Gourmet in the Works for 14th and P St, NW?

14th and P St, NW

A reader sends in a photo of a DDOT permit for a Taylor Gourmet coming to 14th and P St, NW in the old Mid City Deli space:

City Paper’s Jessica Sidman reports the possibility of something besides a Taylor Gourmet:

“We’re not ready to discuss any other details,” Taylor Gourmet co-owner Casey Patten tells Y&H. Co-owner David Mazza recently registered an LLC for “Sauced 1418 14th.”

Sidman also notes that there is already a Taylor Gourmet location a few blocks away at 14th and T St, NW.

Last week we learned Taylor Gourmet would be opening their 8th location at 1750 Pennsylvania Ave, NW.

More info on 14th and P St, NW as it becomes available.

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  • As predicted by Anon on 6/8/12 at 5:32 pm and again at 5:38 pm. This place was on the market and sold within 6 months of the fire.

  • I’m amazed at the growth of Taylor Gourmet. They must have some deep-pocket financial backing.

  • Too close to the other one on 14th. How about one in Columbia Heights?

  • Oh mannnn! I’m so not going to miss the disgusting smells that emanated from the Fish Market.

  • Why? There’s one about four blocks away.

  • I really hope this is not another Taylor and is a different format. As mentioned, 14th and T is awful close. Hoping that ‘sauced’ comes to fruition and is something new for the neighborhood!

  • All your subs are belong to us.

  • I’m assuming with the other Taylor so close, this will be a different format. Here’s hoping they redevelop the entire property as a part of this–that building is really getting into bad shape.

  • The fish WAS kinda skanky, but their breakfast would fill you up if you could keep them down. How are Taylor’s breakfast hoagies?

  • PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE: It does not say it will be another Taylor Gourmet. It says it will be opend by the same people that own Taylor Gourmet. As far as we know it could be an entirely different concept.

  • I can’t wait. their subs are amazing. I heard from a friend who is tight with the guys they are doing tacos and margaritas. bring it. 14th needs it

    • you mean like a block away at Tortilla Coast?

      • I have yet to go to Tortilla Coast. I have heard the food was average but the service is terrible. Thoughts??

        • The food is as bad as the service. Hands down worst restaurant I’ve been to in DC. It goes to show you how hot the neighborhood is right now. There is enough foot traffic at 15th and P to support a miserable restaurant for over a year.

          With 6 more restaurants opening on 14th in the next year, it’s hard to imagine all of them will survive. Tortilla Coast and the Drafting Table will be the first to go hopefully

          • didnt drafting tablejust open a couple of weeks ago?? can it really be that bad or are you just quick to judge? this is a genuine question as i havent been there

          • They both are below average….Tortilla Coast was actually terrible. No need to return to either.

          • I went to Drafting Table for brunch a few weeks ago and was very unimpressed. I’m sure I’ll give their other food a try but it was not more impressive than something I could make at home and I don’t cook.

            Agreed on Tortilla Coast, they need something to pressure them to improve their food and service but it seems the market has spoken and will support it.

      • Competition to make that Tortilla Coast better is welcomed

      • I think Sam meant GOOD tacos.

    • Because if there’s ONE thing this city needs, it’s another taco place. And more sarcasm. Tacos and sarcasm.

  • Ha ha ha.

  • Heard through the food grapevine the plans are for casual taco, tequila, margatita place.

  • Fonally, a decent affordable choice in the area. I would have preferred a Tryst clone but this will do. Other than ThaiThanic and the Chinese take out up 14th, everything nearby is overpriced and mediocre to awful. The truly better choices like Estadio are much more pricy.

    • Have you tried La Villa?

    • Clearly, you have forgotten about Popeyes! 🙂

    • There’s lots of affordable choices on 14th:
      Black & Orange, Subway, the Philly cheesesteak place, Great Wall Chinese (nooooommmmz), The Standard, etc. Pizza and falafel are right off 14th on U Street. In addition, most of the mediocre/overpriced restaurants on 14th have affordable happy hour food specials.

      There’s plenty of places to grab a meal for less than $10 on 14th Street.

  • Finally, a decent affordable choice in the area. I would have preferred a Tryst clone but this will do. Other than ThaiThanic and the Chinese take out up 14th, everything nearby is overpriced and mediocre to awful. The truly better choices like Estadio are much more pricy.

  • I love the look of the mid city fish market. I also like the “mid city” moniker.

    • the area used to be called mid-city, back before it was the Shaw Urban Renewal Area of the early 1970’s. i too like this building and signage. makes me nostalgic for places my grandfather favored when i was a kid. i, apparently, was one of the few people that actually liked this place. but i only ever got breakfast there.

  • Fingers crossed it’s another salad or coffee or burger place that will make white people feel safe. You know, like they live in the suburbs but only in the city…but with local-organic-sustainable products but not anything that has to do with the actual neighborhood they are taking over.

    • What are other businesses would you prefer to the typical development of bars and restaurants that is happening?

      What unique historical features does that part of 14th street have other than being a convenient to downtown destination for prostitutes and bath houses?

  • tacooos – hope they do burritos too!! this city needs a good breakfast burrito.

  • Diner! Diner! Diner!

    • I wanted to buy this place and put a diner in. Didn’t pay close enough attention, had no idea it went up for sale.

    • I agree with you 100% and have said a Diner needed to be in this spot since the previous tenants vacated.
      Someone please help make that happen.
      What a complete slap in the face of all Logan residents to put a sub shop in this spot that we have waited years and years and years to vacate.
      It finally happens and we get a Taylor Gourmet…I’m so disappointed.

  • A Taylor Gourmet !!?? You have to be kidding. Please say that you are kidding us. A Sub-Shop !!?? Uggggggg.
    This prime real estate spot needs to be something with a down-home breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. A wonderful sit down Diner would be wonderful in this gold-mine location.

    I swear, I give up.

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