Taylor’s Opens 14th Street, NW Location This Morning

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2012 at 11:00 am 24 Comments

Thanks to all who wrote in with the good news. I stopped by yesterday to get a quick peek of Taylor’s [Taylor Gourmet for the purists] new 14th St, NW location. While finishing touches were getting completed at 1908 14th St, NW (at T St.) you can see below what an amazing transformation occurred with the space. Also, while I was at the 14th location they were finalizing their delivery radius. It’s looking like they’ll cover all of Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant. I’ll update when the final borders are determined.

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Does anybody know the story behind how Taylor Gourmet got started? I am curious to know the back story and how they received funding. The owners, Casey and John, seem like decent, hard-working guys, but it takes more than sweat and an idea to get something as big as Taylor’s is today in this timeframe. Any idea who’s funding the operation?

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Sorry, Casey and DAVID.

    • Anonymous

      There isn’t necessarily some secret rich uncle who hates Subway funding their operation. The real secret is that the raw ingredients for their sandwiches aren’t very expensive, they sell a lot of them, they’ve gotten a ton of media exposure, and they’re always busy.

      And I’m glad to see them in Shaw, but that building has looked structurally deficient for years, and it looks like they didn’t do much more than slap a coat of paint on it.

    • Fenestella
      • Denizen of Tenallytown

        That’s the Cinderella story, but probably not how it actually went down.

        • Anonymous

          I’m curious, why are you so suspicious?

  • dude, seriously

    I love your coverage of the area, but I honestly think you’re actually *trying* to be cute/annoying with your incorrect usage of stores’ names.

    At some point I hope you will seriously consider holding yourself to some type of journalistic standards, and at least do the businesses you’re promoting the courtesy of spelling their names correctly.

    • Hahaha, no. Look at the sign.

      • and what’s up with the sideways sign? Couldn’t they write
        it offends my sense of signage.

        • Eric

          The Latin alphabet letters were not meant to be stacked on top of each other as that would create alignment and spacing issues. It is actually easier to read words if the letters are on a, albeit vertical, baseline.

          • But I feel like I’m going to turn my head sideways and lose my balance. I don’t like it when reading titles off of book spines either.

      • mmm

        yeah, the sign says “TAYLOR” not “TAYLOR’S”

        • I believe that is a possessive ‘s there. As in “Taylor’s new 14th St, NW location”… compare to “Taylor Gourmet’s new 14th St, NW location.”

          It’s strange to me that people think it’s worth it to be so nitpicky about how someone writes a restaurant’s name… and to then be nitpicky about a supposed offense that wasn’t even committed (the horror of wrongly adding ‘s to a restaurant’s name!).

          • seriously, dude

            If it’s a possessive, it is not being used correctly. The way you (Claire) used it woulf be correct (without the “opens”). The way it’s used here implies that their name is Taylor’s.

            I’m just suggesting ahat coreect use of grammar is expected from a journalistic outlet.

          • I copied my quote directly from the post (omitting the square-bracketed note)…

          • Nice…

  • Anonymous

    That has to be one of the fastest restaurant openings in DC ever. Props to the Taylor guys for pulling this off.

    • Anon20009

      True – especially considering the sad state of that building when they started out.

  • Glory Glory Hallelujah, let the great and fantastic sandwiches for my late night drinking begin…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Sue

    This is an exciting addition to the neighborhood, but they won’t win me back as a customer until they switch back to Sarcone’s rolls, or get a better approximation of an italian hard roll. The rolls they have now are crap, and ruin perfectly good hoagies.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Don’t expect Sarcone’s ever again, unless you bring your own in from Philly. I do think the whole transition to a local baker was handled poorly PR-wise since it was done on the sly and the website continued to mention the Sarcone’s sourcing. But apparently people don’t care enough about the bread and love the sandwiches enough to warrant and fourth opening.

      • Jay

        Regular non-foodie folks hated the Sarcone bread. It was chewy, tough, hard to eat. I thought they got the word and that’s why they switched?

  • sara

    I was just there and it was packed. Just taking a shot in the dark here, but I predict that this place will do well.

  • Krystalyn

    This introduces a pleasingly riaotnal point of view.


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