Check Out the Adult Milkshakes Coming to the Satellite Room by 9:30 Club

2047 9th St, NW

Back in early Aug. we got a pre-preview of the Satellite Room coming to the space behind the 9:30 club. At the time we learned they’d be offering burgers, tacos and adult milkshakes – have a look at the adult milkshakes:

Boozy Shakes $10

Vincent Vega (Vanilla with Bulleit Bourbon)
Lucy Ricardo (Chocolate with Johnny Walker Black)
Sammy & Kim (Black & White with Smirnoff Vodka)
Norm Peterson (Malted with Murphy’s Irish Stout)
Linus van Pelt (Peanut Butter with George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee Whiskey)
Archie Leach (Strawberry with Tanqueray London Dry Gin)
A.C. Slater (Avocado with Jose Cuervo Traditional Reposado Tequila)
Patsy Stone (Pineapple, Coconut, Orange, Nutmeg with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum)
Latka Gravas (Espresso Hazelnut with Hennessy VS)
Frank Costello (Chocolate Mint with Bushmills Irish Whiskey)

*All shakes can be made without alcohol for $5

Stay tuned – opening very soon!

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  • Sounds tasty, but I don’t like thinking about the really bad things that could potentially happen with that dairy-liquor concoction later on at the 9:30 Club next door.

  • The boys are waiting.

  • “A shake? Milk and Ice cream? It costs five dollars? You don’t put any bourbon in it or anything?”

  • Vincent Vega: Did you just order a five dollar shake?
    Mrs. Mia Wallace: Ummhh.
    Vincent Vega:That’s a shake . . . that’s milk and ice cream.
    Mrs. Mia Wallace: Last I heard.
    Vincent Vega: That’s five dollars? You don’t put bourbon in it or nothin’?
    Buddy Holly: No.
    Vincent Vega: Just checking.

  • They really need to add the Daniel Plainview to the menu. It could be one with a really large straw, and a friend can drink your milkshake with you.

    • Me either. Talk about a calorie bomb! Then again, you’re sure to vomit it up later so maybe the calories don’t count.

  • Aww Linus 🙂

  • Remember this is the same group that charges $14 for a burger at the Brixton… besides, every other new restaurant over charges for the food and booze nowadays in DC, why shouldnt this one?

    • Welcome to DC. Name me a sit-down restaurant, in or near and entertainment district, that serves a really good gourmet burger for under $12-14. Christ, Ruby Tuesday charges that for a burger. Get a grip. It’s the cost to live and do business in DC. Don’t like it? Move to to the Midwest or Deep South! Or go to McDonald’s! Sheesh.

    • If every new restaurant does it, maybe it’s just the going rate. Hooray economics!

  • Klassy with a K.

  • They should just make it another rock bar that has bands play after the 9:30 shows end, or make it a brewery.

  • Sounds fun, but I think every single one of those concoctions would absolutely guarantee me a fun bout of explosive diarrhea!

  • Ted’s Bullentin rip off

  • There was a place like this where I used to live. Not as uppity as all this, but I am here to tell you that milkshakes with alcohol are extremely tasty once-in-awhile treats.

  • jburka

    How the hell can you have a drink named the Lucy Ricardo and make it with Johnny Walker BLACK instead of RED? Madness!

  • Ted’s Bulletin in Eastern Market does boozy milkshakes too (for $8, I believe). Believe me, they don’t skimp on the alcohol. I could only finish 1/2 of mine and I was a little stumble-y.

  • $5 for a (hopefully full) shot of JW/Bulleit/Cuervo isn’t really a bad deal in this town, but I will still never understand the appeal of putting anything but well liquor in a sugary mixed drink. I guarantee there isn’t a single person who could tell the difference.

  • Not as fun as the adult milkshakes they serve at my favorite Amsterdam coffeeshop….

  • I bet you would get some interesting results if you did a google video search on “adult milkshake.”

  • Hahaha… with this headline I thought that Adult Milkshakes wassome band I’d never heard of. I was going to check them out!

  • I love that there’s a Patsy Stone. But I’ve seen every episode of AbFab and not once do I remember her drinking rum. Stoli, Boli or Veuve Cliquot sweetie.

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