Washington, DC

Wanna Buy a Lofstel?

4115 8th Street, NW

The Lofstel opened up back in Jan. 2008 at 4115 8th St, NW across from the Petworth Rec Center. Their website expains:

Interning or moving to Washington DC? Convenient to public transportation and with affordable monthly rates, this is the perfect housing alternative for international students and interns in DC.

All of our students have access to shared kitchens and a full bathroom on every floor. The bunk beds are a twin-size bed. Each student receives a locker about the size of a large microwave for their personal belongings. The student will be able to lock their personal belongings but will be responsible for providing a lock.

Thanks to a reader for sending word that the business is now for sale:

Successful student dormitory looking. Owner lives in New York full-time and has been running absentee for 5 years.

The dormitory caters to international students and interns for short-term and long-term housing. We have established relationships with local organizations and universities who provide us with a constant flow of students.

Learn the business from the ground up! There is an intensive 35-hour training program in place. Full 2 years of returns & Quickbooks files available for due diligence for any prospective buyers.

It’s yours for $154,000.

Karen spent a night and shared her experience back in May 2008.


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