Absolute Pizza Kabab For Sale in Adams Morgan

2005 18th Street, NW

Over the summer we learned that Absolute Pizza Kabab replaced Buffalo LA Pizzeria next door to the Blaguard in Adams Morgan. Now it can be yours.

From a Craigslist ad:

“PIZZA & KABAB RESTAURANT FOR SALE – $150000 (18th ST NW DC. 20009)

GREAT LOCATION 18th st NW DC Adams Morgan
Rent $4,250
10 years lease
restaurant is street retail, perfect visibility, middle of night clubs,
good slice and carry out sales plus delivery.
priced to sell, hurry up.”

For those who are extremely bored – how many slices of pizza (at what price) do you think you have to sell a day to make a profit?

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  • I would guess you need to sell a minimum of $15K a month / $500 a day to make any kind of minute profit. Any restauranteurs out there want to let me know how far off I am.

    • You are exactly right with your figure- 15K a month/$500 a day. That’s operating with a 30% food cost which is normal for pizza. That’s a pretty good rent for the city.

      • To be clear, $15K a month/$500 a day is break even, not including debt pay back of the $150K loan. That is the minimum sales one would need to have no profit or loss

    • you will be out of business with in three month.

  • New York Magazine asked some pizza companies to open their books a few years back. I assume this space would be similar to Rocket Joe’s (and it has a similar rent.)


    Rocket Joe’s sells over 20,000 pies a year or about 60 a day. Assume a jumbo slice has same production cost and margins as a quarter of a pie and you’d need to sell 240 slices a day at $4.50 or 1,680 a week to turn a $55,000 profit.

    Using those assumptions if you can raise the price to $5 a slice you’d make $100,000 profit, but if you lowered it to $4 you’d wipe out your profit entirely. Tough business.

    • Both scenarios have labor in the high 40%. Normally you want it in the mid 20’s% including a manager.

      • I can see how that’d make sense for some businesses or be an ideal but I don’t see how you could realistically staff a jumbo slice place for $100,000 a year. Is the cook also working the register?

  • tterrag

    I pass this place daily going home from work. As I kept my eye on it, the inevitable became apparent – the place was going to shut its doors. I never saw a single customer inside.

    Too bad for those losing the place, but another pizza joint in Adam’s Morgan was not the best idea, in my opinion.

    • This place was actually just sold 2 or 3 years ago. An old Italian couple was making pizza there for a long time, they had pretty good pies. I think they retired and sold it off to the current owners. The current owners tried to do pizza with no success. I guess they recently added kabobs to the menu? The new guys never had good food.

      With Ducchinis across the street and much better kabob guys right up the hill on 18th, I have no idea what these guys were doing. I imagine they must have been losing money or, as someone upthread mentioned, it was a money laundering operation.

  • To answer your question: Zero slices of pizza. But your money laundering operation in the back had better be in good running order!

  • What are you actually buying when you pay $150k for a business like this? It has only been open for a few months, so the name and reputation of the restaurant presumably have no value. Why not just rent a similar space and start a new restaurant?

  • blaguard should just expand if nobody buys it. no need for more pizza…but more bars….

  • I was just thinking the other day that I hoped this place would close and something else would go in here. As has been noted, after years of high business turnover, this part of Adams Morgan has become more solid with Mint, Jack Rose, DeVino’s, L’Enfant, Duplex, etc. I don’t know what else could go in such a small space (with an existant kitchen), but I would love to see something other than a pizza place/bar.

  • wonder how much the building costs? Would love to see a developer tear down that old building and put in a new 3-4 story retail space. Adams Morgan doesn’t need more restaurants, but maybe a higher end clothing line would make some sense to help bring in a lunch crowd.

  • what you all talking about if there is so much profit in pizza why every other pizza store is changing ownership.if this owner making any money why he would sell.in realty in pizza store profit only 10-15%. I close my my place after 12 years.it is very hard now good cheese box over $100(cost $3.5 for 16oz) use to $50.00. in dc you don’t find any help less than $10.00 an hours labor cost is now a days with taxes 33-37% food cost 30-40% base on your special ,coupons some time 50% friend you can’t survived unless you do high volume like big chain store. if you hate some one help him buy a pizza store

  • dont forget delivery they have deliver and plus slice sale and and and they have a lot more than pizza slice check their menu before counting the slice sales. their menu has… a lot more then duccini…

  • If you don’t like the restaurants in Adams Morgan, come back in a few weeks; they’ll have changed.

  • Best kabobs in DC by far i order 2-3 times a week,you have to try their chicken kabob, So much variety in the menu, your guaranteed to get what your looking for out of this restaurant and they do deliveries. Make Sure you Check it out

  • i love their chicken kabob. to the new owner “PLEASE don’t change the chicken kabob recipe”

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