H Street Festival Fun

Saturday’s Festival on H Street, NE was another great time. I knew it was gonna be fun when the first thing I saw (around 3rd and H) was NBC’s Pat Collins giving a tour:

And of course lots of food and beer though you had to find your fortunes elsewhere:

This probably turned the most heads:

What was your favorite part?

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  • did anyone else find the festival way too crowded? maybe i’m just gettin old.

  • How did i predict this comment, maybe because it was croweded, and all people on this site do is complain that nothing suits their fancy. The Union Market was ripped apart, which I though was actually great, and saturdays’ H street fesival was awesome. Croweded yes, but thats because its a good time and more and more people come each year. Hopefully next year they spread it down the street more. Too expensive, oh you people, hit up the McD’s dollar menue, people need to make money too! Great people watching, good friends, food and drink.

    • It was so crowded, I literally heard a person walking in front of me go, “maybe if I shot my gun up in the air, these people would move faster”.

    • It’s clearly a success. So we shouldn’t be honest about how crowded it was? I think it’s great for the city, but seriously, criticism can be used by organizers to make things even better.

  • It was a bit crowded, but I had a great time watching some of the outdoor preformances. The Baltimore Rock Opera Society had a good ‘air guitar’ (they had fake guitars) competition that a young girl with the stage name Unicorn won, and then I saw an amazing band I didn’t catch the name of that was exploring Afro-Cuban beats mashed with blues and even some Beethoven played on a steel drum. I think the wide range of food and music was a great representation of all the communities we have in DC.

  • That festival was whiter than a Romney family reunion!

  • pablo .raw

    I had a great time just walking around and taking photos. Saw a lot of my photographer friends doing the same thing and enjoying the nice day. It was crowded, but compared to other festivals in the city it felt much better, maybe because of the width of H St.

  • It was a solid time but, the Fest needs to expand westward to alleviate the crowding. The organizers need to do a better job of crowd management planning, this may mean: less vendors; west expansion; larger time frame; limit the space of how far into the street bars/restaurants can go; do not designate drinking areas. Just a few ideas.

    The essence of the Hst Festival, any neighborhood festival, will be lost if the organizers are only thinking about how many people can we have in attendance. Definitely looking forward to the Barracks Row Festival.

    • Agreed 100%. I had a lot of fun there Saturday, but it was very crowded and with the festival getting exponentially more popular every year, I hope they adapt next time around. Definitely expand westward and have the the city allow drinking in the street.

      A more specific request: don’t let people drive floats on the streetcar rails. It crowded up the street so much you could barely move. Babies crying, people pushing…just not worth it guys. Forget any “parade” elements to the festival, it just can’t take it.

      • Tim, sorry we ruined your good time by riding our float up and down H Street on Saturday. Was it really that big of an inconvenience? We were moving at no more than 1 mile an hour, and from our perspective, the crowd response was tremendous. Not a single person complained to us, as soon as they turned around and saw what was coming. We didn’t hear any kids crying – on the contrary, they were dancing down the street with us, playing in the bubble machine, and laughing. In fact, numerous people told us our float was one of the things that made the H Street Festival unique.

        • actually i would prefer more floats on rails. it’s one of the freakin coolest things.

          the festival is quite large, and the complaints about crowding should not go unnoticed. but definitely don’t sacrifice the awesome parts for that!

        • Nope. Your float was fun.
          The problem was that there was hardly any room for you, people couldn’t get around the float, got caught up behind you and couldn’t get out. But that wasn’t your fault.

          The people who “organized” this Festival have no clue what they’re doing and shouldn’t be allowed near it ever again. All of the booths were jammed together and forced the crowd into much narrower pathway than was comfortable or safe. If there had been an accident or a fight, we’d have been screwed.

          They allowed the beer gardens to overwhelm the entire street so that people who didn’t drink (or didn’t want to drink a lot) couldn’t get near other stuff. There was much less to do this year and very little for kids. That sucks for a community Festival.
          They need to let someone else do this Festival. These folks are not up to the job.

  • Been going since it started up and yes it was the most crowded it has ever been. Sooo glad I went right at 12 before it got too crazy. Got some freebies, seats at bars and bought some original novelties ( panda crab stuffed animal) before there was nothing left. Left by 3. Perfect.

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