Black-Eyed Susie Closing Oct. 13th in Columbia Heights

3443 14th Street, NW

Black-Eyed Susie opened up at 3443 14th St, NW back in Jan. 2011.

From the owner:

“Unfortunately, I am writing to tell you that sadly I will be closing up shop in mid-October. Even with the loss of Its Vintage, Darling this summer and now Black-Eyed Susie I am very hopeful that new, cute, boutique-y small business will try to open up here in Columbia Heights with better success. Until then, everything is heavily discounts until we close our doors.”

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  • So sad! I love Black Eyed Susie! And it was inspiring to see her open a business in this neighborhood at a particularly hard time.

  • It was inspiring to see a young business owner open up shop here on 14th, but I have to admit that I was never impressed with the quality of items for sale, so I’m not that surprised to see them close. I guess Frugalista really holds the thrift store market in this area.

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