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  • Very well done building. Landscaping is a bit meh, though. They should’ve at least put in roses or butterfly bushes rather than hostas. Sheesh.

  • Another development despised by our fearless ANC, Lenwood Johnson and his “party of no,” yet is getting done. Yet another reason we need folks like Tony Cimino in there so buildings don’t rot forever

  • i like this music…what is it?

  • Looks nice– a huge improvement from the decaying shell it was before. The major drawback is Linens of the Week across the street. The building is decaying, broken windows, it’s loud, smells, the sidewalks and streets are littered, etc. It serves a purpose for the community, but I would selfishly like to a supermarket in that spot!

    • It’s not really that bad. I actually think it smells good some of the time. Alsco bought it and are making some improvements. They are making a real effort with trash pick up. I think eventually it makes sense to sell the lot and build a new facility elsewhere on cheaper land, but we’ll see.

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