Cafe Green and Java Green “Temporarily” Closed Due to Retail Sales Suspension

1513 17th St, NW

Cafe Green and sister restaurant, Java Green, have been closed due to a suspension in their retail sales by DC government. In the past we’ve noted these retail suspensions are often due to tax issues. Last year we noted that both Cafe Green (1513 17th St, NW) and Java Green (1020 19th St, NW) were for sale.

Cafe Green closed until further notice

1020 19th Street, NW

Java Green “closed temporarily”

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  • Oh no! This is never a good sign….

  • I’d put money on this not being temporary. Feel bad for the workers.

    But the writing was on the wall. Cafe Green sucked from the time it opened, and Java Green had gone way down the last few years. Shame.

    • Lisa, it was insanely inconsistent. I had maybe one or two truly good meals there out of the handful of times I went. And Java Green was great at first but rapidly went downhill. And for the quality and amount of food, they were way overpriced.

      It’s sad that two veg options are gone, but DC needs *better* veg*an options, not places people will go to because it’s veg, even if the food and service are awful.

  • I enjoyed some of Java Green’s menu items…but Holy Jesus, was the service ever slow. In my opinion, you’ve got to speed things up if you’re going to be a grab-and-go establishment that’s located in the heart of an office corridor and serving the lunchtime crowd. That and the prices were part of the reason I didn’t patronize them too often (although to be fair, the prices were not so out of line with what I’ve seen at similar veg/raw food places). In any case, sorry to lose a veggie option so close to my work.

    • Agree. I’m a big fan of their soups, but the wait is a dealbreaker. It’s soup! How long does it take to ladle out a cup?

  • Let Johnny Monis take the 17th St. spot!

    Seriously though, I do hope if it closes, there is a quick turnover and something else (a good restaurant or gay bar) opens quickly.

  • When a business has its retail registration suspended, it’s typically because it has been charging customers sales tax and failing to pass that money on to the DC government. Essentially the business has been stealing from all of us.

    So, screw them.

    • This is stealing from the school systems etc. Collecting sales taxes and using it for personal gain is stealing. A fact is a fact.

  • I just called Cafe Green via phone, and someone answered and said they would be closed for a few weeks..

  • I stopped going to Cafe Green after far too many instances of horendous service. If they re-open, I hope they hire all new staff.

  • Same happened to Murky Coffee on Capitol Hill a few years ago. They never came back though. (Why not just pay the taxes?)

  • I stopped reading this blog a few years ago. A friend of mine who knows that I liked Java Green sent me a link to this post.

    Not much has changed here on this blog. Some very informative, intelligent and polite comments. Then there are the rest of the comments, that still shock me how self centered and childish DC adults are.

  • This is bad. I hope it’s only temporary, but something tells me the coffin is being nailed shut already.

  • It IS tax issues. Maybe $100,000 or more back taxes. Poorly run. Lots of people lost a lot of money on their “investments.”

  • Chaotic management of the owner doomed java green and caffe green. He blames economy but has only himself. Never gave a rat’s ass for anyone but himself. I could go on, as a former waiter I saw it all.

    • Agreed. I also worked there and virtually all of the employees would tell you the place was poorly run. Pretty much every manager quit. I am glad the place closed.

  • I just saw on another blog that they are asking for donations to pay their tax bill…interesting.

    • Friends and I have been laughing ever since we saw that on EaterDC. Apparently “intention makes everything” and all you have to do is believe and it will happen. You don’t pay your taxes and you want DONATIONS to do it? I’m vegan and I’ll do everything I can to support a worthy vegan restaurant, but I stopped going to both of these places long ago, and I’ll be damned if I’m donating money for back taxes. Ludicrous.

      • I remember when Java Green first went all-veg and DJ was soliciting donations in hopes of opening up other restaurants. Given how long it took Cafe Green to open after a preview party (which was underwhelming at best), I’m glad I didn’t donate, as much as I would love to see more vegan restaurants all over the place.

    • I sent them $25. Obviously that will not make a huge difference, but even if the contributions do not help them reopen I thought of it as a chance to say ‘thank you’ for all of the meals I have enjoyed there.

      • There are many 501(c) charities out there.

        • So you are just making the assumption that I do not give to charity as well?

          • Why would you give money to someone who stole from you, your neighbors, etc? This makes absolutely no sense. If you want to give money to the DC government, simply under-state your exemptions and pay a higher tax yourself.

          • No, the issue is the ownership was really bad at managing the business. Both resturants had very bad service but it was because of management not the waiters. trust me, I spent a lot of time there and saw pretty unprofessional from the owner. He ran this business really bad. Donate to charity not to a badly run business.

          • Okay, then there are far more worthy and better-run charitable causes to donate money to.

            Bradley, can you specify?

          • This is a poorly run business, NOT a charity. They knew their tax responsibilities when they opened, collected tax from customers like you, then kept it for themselves. I understand patronizing a business that you don’t know is cheating you, but handing over money AFTER someone has ripped you off and told you about it to your face? That makes zero sense.

          • Give your $ to the dishwashers who got shafted out of their last check.

  • I’ll miss the cute red headed waitress there!!!

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