Aggravated Assault Investigated on 700 Block of Block of North Carolina Ave, SE

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From MPD:

This morning [Saturday] at approximately 8:30 AM, First District officers responded to the 700 block of NC Ave SE for the report of an unconscious person. When officers arrived on the scene they located a 29 year old male in an unconscious condition on the front porch of a home. The male was transported to an area hospital where he was admitted in serious condition. Medical examination reveals that the subject may have been the victim of an assault. The victim was not a resident of the block where he was found.

This incident is being investigated as an Aggravated Assault.

Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.

A reader sends from Mothers on the Hill (MOTH):

Our friend, TC Maslin was assaulted on his way home last night and was found near Eastern Market this morning. His wife reported him missing last night when he did not return home. He is in critical condition and is currently undergoing surgery for a brain hemorrhage at Washington Hospital Center. They have a young son who has been with us since this morning.

I set up an official email for donations to the Maslins. If you know of anyone who wants to donate, please have them send a PayPal donation to:

[email protected]

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  • Seeing this crime on the news made me very sad and angry. Some people don’t seem to value life because they are killing and robbing like it’s nothing. I support the Second Amendment. The criminals are armed and why shouldn’t law abiding citizen be able to do the same? My condolences go out to the victim’s family. I pray that he will recover. We are living in perilous times.

    • No politics, please

      • The point is… The neighbors in Eastern Market are fucking punks!! Reports indicated the victim sought help from random homes on the block – nobody opened the door… Where is the sense of community…? Let that be my block or my door step I am coming outside with a baseball kicking some ass….

        • …because the people in those houses were away on vacation, at least according to the Post.

        • No one was home at any of the houses that he stopped at. But way to try and assign blame in what is just a senseless tragedy.

        • You must be quite skilled with the baseball

        • I know you mean baseball bat, but I love the image of you kicking some ass with a high-speed superhero ball…

          I don’t have any skin in this game to defend or condemn those neighbors, but I can understand the hesitation in opening your door to someone banging on it asking for help. I’ve read reports on this blog about women pounding on doors and begging for help, and then having a group with her who push in the door for a home invasion. (Reports true? Who knows… but when your heart is pounding and you’re scared, you’re inclined to be extra safe). That being said, there is never any excuse for NOT calling the cops. If what you said is accurate, I hope they did that at a minimum.

          • what he said is wrong. The neighbors at both houses were away on vacation,as detailed by a 3rd neighbor who knew exactly where is neighbors were vacationing which indicates to me that he was generally watching out for his block. I think the folks at Eastern Market are probably the most likely to call 911 for ANYTHING that concerns them. This is a tragedy all around. Sounds like he is still in critical condition, brain injuries can take years to recover from and that was this sounds like. Agree wtih previous posters, bitching on this blog is a great way to vent. but please take the time to email/call your council ( as all the contact info) and truly demand some accountability.

          • This is correct. It is sad but true, if someone is pounding on your door in the middle of the night, despite how scared they may be, the correct action is to call the police immediately. There are a lot of police in DC, and if the situation is explained to be as urgent as possible, you should have police there within a couple of minutes.

    • I thought I read in the Post that it appeared he was hit in the back of the head.

      Guns are great for defending yourself against a rear-approach ambush!


    • when were we not living in perilous times?

  • Supporting the Second Amendment is a right, a constitutional one. It’s being made into politics by some people who prefer the robbers be armed, while law abiding citizens are unprotected. The politicians have made politics of suppressing the right to bear arms for protection. They tend to favor the criminals, and yes, they want their vote too. I pray for the life of this family man.

    • There are lots of societal factors that contribute to making the USA the most violent First World nation, bar none. “Citizenry insufficiently armed” is not one of them.

      Rather than postulating some unproven theory that “more guns = less crime”, how about we adopt some evidence-based approaches that have actually been shown to work in a modern society?

      Or do we really want to be the only rich industrial democracy where parents must teach their children that, when they grow up, they’ll need to carry a firearm every day?

  • Please make sure they know about the DC Victim’s Fund, which will help with medical expenses. Hospital social workers should be able to provide the appropriate paperwork. Hoping for a full recovery and some action on this disturbing trend in our neighborhood.

  • Nothing is going to change. Everyone will just bitch and complain on this blog and forget about it by next week. Get some balls already and hold the politicians and the police responsible. They are clearly not doing their jobs.

  • Really sad – and then last night there was a robbery by two young males with guns and masks at 11th and K SE.
    I was shocked on to see th uptick in robbery/assaults with weapons in that area.
    Mayor Gray, Chief Lanier – lets do something (actually really late but come on!). Why not make fightig crime as part of your One City campaign?

  • Any updates??

  • Whoa. I live one block away, and actually walked right by here around 8:30am on Saturday, yet I had no idea this had happened. I specifically walk my dogs down this block at night because it gets a lot of foot traffic from the restaurants on 7th and therefore seems a lot safer than the residential streets. Very surprising to hear about something like this happening here. I hope the guy makes out ok.

    • Anonymous 9:55 – this area does have a lot of foot traffic, but not during 2-3am in the morning. I feel real bad that this happened, but people must,must,must be aware of their surroundings. I grew up and still live in this area and I am not “walking” out in the street during that time by myself. People need to stop thinking that crime in DC only exist across the 11th street bridge.

      • I disagree. This may not be U Street, but there are a handful of bars across the street from Eastern Market that don’t close until 3am on weekends. I’m usually not out at this time but I’m sometimes up late and can certainly HEAR a lot of foot traffic until 3:30 or 4 in the morning. You’re right that everyone needs to be vigilant, no matter where they are. Criminals have gotten more brazen lately and I wouldn’t put it past them to attack someone while there are lots of other people nearby.

  • I am not sure where the “blame the neighbors” or “blame the fact that he didn’t have a gun” stuff comes from. This was a senseless act of violence. At this point, we don’t know if it was a group of drunken mets fans, local ne’er-do-wells or aliens. All we know is that this husband and father is fighting for his life. Let’s all think about that and say some prayers.

  • It sounds like the assault happened in Seward Square Park. I remember commenting once that this park is a little sketchy, and a group of commenters ridiculed me and called me a troll in response. I’m glad my intuition is better than theirs!

    I’m extremely surprised the assaulted man wasn’t spotted by someone as he made his way to the 700 block of North Carolina Ave. They say this happened at 1am, at which time the bars along 7th (Tunicliff’s, Boxcar, probably still Aqua al Due) would have still been in full swing. How did no one notice this guy? The whole thing is very odd.

  • How did the neighbor know that the victim tried to seek help at two houses next door? He obviously was found on the porch of one house (so one can assume he sought help there), but how did the neighbor know about the first house (unless there was a blood trail or something)?

  • Sent a donation, not even a month after sending another donation for the yoga instructor who was senselessly beaten. I give because I was similarly attacked on Cap Hill three years ago, and I am sick to death of this continuing to happen with no end in sight. The only thing that will stop this is for every single person in the District not committing the crimes to stand up and make it known in no uncertain terms that it is absolutely unacceptable for anyone to be assaulted like this, and that we will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And then to keep on insisting and remembering and standing up, even when we’re not reminded by yet another story in the press.

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