Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Vernon Square

This rental is located at 437 New York Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Beautiful Condo in the Historic Yale Steam Laundry. Amenities include:Gym,Rooftop Pool, Conf.Room, Billiards.Amazing Views from Private Balcony,Hardwood Floors,Stainless Steel Appliances,Washer/Dryer. Blocks from Chinatown&Convention Center Metro.1 Block from Safeway, Starbucks, Retail. Tenant pays utilities,1 Garage Parking Space for $200 monthly.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,500/Mo.

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  • Stop it right now.

  • Sounds about right.

  • I used to pass this building during my commute, and wondered what the lofts were like inside. I figured if you really wanted a beautiful loft apartment this might be an inexpensive option because the location’s not great. I guess I was wrong!

    • +1

      Not nice enough of a location to command 2500 in my opinion

      • LOL. And as usual, the people who simply can’t believe DC real estate prices are real appear.

        • Fair enough– I’ve been out of the rental market a year and a half, and the afternoon rental options on PoP might not be giving me an accurate idea of what it’s like.

  • I blame Osama Bin Laden for this.

  • Barf. Way to take a historic building and build completely character-less units. They don’t show any pictures of the bedroom but the rest of the apartment doesn’t look particularly spacious – at least not spacious or high end enough to fetch that much money for a one bedroom.

  • This is the going rate for the area… not that it means that it is right. Ugh.

  • I know this neighborhood is pricey, but this unit is overpriced by about $200 a month. Probably someone who bought high trying to cover their mortgage/taxes/HOA fee.

    • Maybe you meant high by about $2000 a month. I rented at 425 mass, and everything there was very “luxury”… rooftop pools and grills, nice common areas, and very new looking apts. 4 month lease in Jan 2012 was $2100/mo not including parking and utilities. It was a slightly safer location, IMO, and I can’t imagine that Yale steam laundry is that much more of a luxury type place.

  • “A fool and his money…”

  • Now I see why everybody’s trying to find out where they can get the cheapest can of PBR in town. That’s a ludicrous amount to pay for a 1BR in that area.

  • I live in this building in the exact same kind of unit for $2,100/month. The one bedroom apartments next door start at $2,295 and they have onsite maintenance, doormen, etc. This is ridiculously overpriced.

    • I would say it’s overpriced, but not ridiculously overpriced. I too live in this building and think it all depends on the unit. Yes, 1 BR at Yale West START at $2,295, but that means a low floor, no balcony unit AND they charge a fee for pets (and have you seen the rooftop pool at YW? Laughable). We also don’t know what floor it’s on (a 10th floor 1 BR recently sold for over $400K) and without pictures of the bedroom we don’t know if it has a walk-in closet (I’m guessing it doesn’t). Two years ago a 6th floor 1 BR had no problem renting for $2,350 w/out parking. But $200 for parking? That’s laughable.

  • This is laughable

  • The location is deceptively good with a walk score over 90, a metro stop within 3 blocks, and the on ramp to 395 right in front of the building.

    The unit is $200 overpriced unless it includes parking and utilities. The unit may lack character, but it has high end finishes and obviously the tenant can drastically change the appearance with a little paint and unique pieces.

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