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  • WOW! I walked past that spot at about 845… Saw some shady characters hanging around in the alley. Wonder if it was them?

  • The bar/club on the corner of 14th and spring (not the Derby) houses some rough looking characters who catcall women and sneer at men.
    This is anything but shocking.

  • Just recently moved from a block away. I love Columbia Heights but I can’t pretend this wasn’t a part of the reason I moved. Last summer there was a double murder about 300 feet from this spot. There was also a vicious assault on this corner within the past 12 months. What is ironic is there is a crime camera just about right at this location. It is too bad that such a small group of lawless thugs are allowed to continue to operate in this city. There is a prostitute and pimp that openly work this corner and nobody seems to care and/or do anything about it. If I know about them I am sure the police do.

  • Ugh, yes– we were sitting on our porch a block away when this happened and I walked over. The cops had one guy in cuffs and were loading him into their car. I overheard one officer say he went for a cop’s gun. I also saw one of the victims on the ground, he was moving but was not in good shape. I talked to a girl whose friend, a trained medic, stopped to help before the ambulances arrived.

    And Jason, you’re right, the Carolina Palace is the WORST. Every week, there’s something happening there –fights, yelling, people stumbling out drunk to their cars. They’ve had their liquor license suspended before, and I’m hoping this incident prompts another round.

    • Did this happen at the Carolina Restaurant?

    • I live very close to carolina and there is a hispanic police officer sitting inside every day from 1:00pm to 7:00pm and I thought he was assigned to this location, but he is not and he is not patrolling the area he is just sitting there and his byke is outside by the door. I do not know why a supervisor has not noticed this man wasting his time there instead of patrolling the area.

      • @ Mayra, I live on Spring RD as well. My husband and I are worried about stabbings and crimes happening in our neighborhood and fear for our children’s safety and you’re worried as to why an officer’s sitting in a Restaurant possibly eating or doing business checks like they’re supposed to. Really? Try asking the Officer to go to La Cabana restaurant and be there for a few hours and maybe we could find the ones that are on the run. Just saying.

        @ RL, same thing for you, u don’t know if the officer’s there for a reason, obviously, he/she is not hiding if the bike is outside. Try focusing on your personal safety first. Let’s try and get these guys responsible for the triple stabbings. Good Night!!

  • I have seen that officer inside Carolina in his working hours and 3 hours later I saw his byke still outside like he never moved it. Maybe we should report this officer to his supervisor because this is not a one day situation.

  • Here’s what I saw:

    Six guys pile out of La Cabana, going into a 3 on 3 free-for-all. First just some shouting, then taking the signs and a traffic-cone looking thing to use as beating implements.

    Someone came out of the Spring Garden chinese carryout to try to stop one of the guys, but that wasn’t successful. By this point, calls have been made and sirens could be heard.

    One guy pulls out a machete – yes, a friggin’ machete – and stabs another in the right shoulder area, in addition to some chopping motions. He flees immediately to the south on 14th. Two others flee in the alleys close by on 14th and Spring, heading west.

    A undercover squad car goes after them, gets them both. Not certain if the assailant with the machete was caught. Just another day in the salvadorian violence paradise known as the Cabana.

    Not long ago they had a full out brawl there, requiring 10 squad cars to intervene with backup. They’ve also had stabbings that occurred inside the place.

    Either the owner is some kind of lucky savant, or they never call police directly – I don’t know how they can keep their liquor license.

    As for carolinas, the answer is simple – they used to have a lot of problems last year, then they finally upped their security and started banning people. I’ve lived in the area for the bit and got the background from one of their staff.

    So, the ‘bad apples’ went up the street to La Cabana, where a stabbing is only a few beers away. This doesn’t reflect at all on any of the other bars in the area, it seems confined to the latino watering holes. I won’t speculate as to why, but there’s always something happening there.

    Quick note to pedestrians – when you see a full-out brawl, you might want to cross the street to avoid it. Several people were just trying to walk around and through it without any concern for their own welfare.

    Incredibly stupid, I thought.

    That’s about it…

    • Thanks for the thorough update. I live on Spring and it’s troubling to see this sort of violence continue. I avoid walking on 14th St. in this area for this reason. I hope the police monitor these establishments a bit better moving forward.

  • I read this morning on an ANC listserv that the individual with the machete has still not been identified – is that still the case? How on earth is that possible? There appear to have been multiple witnesses, a crime camera, and (if I am reading between the lines correctly) it sounds like he was a La Cabana regular.

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