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  • On the plus side, it looks good enough that you’ve assumed it’s a pop-up. This is actually brand new construction, on a long-vacant lot. I think it will look okay, especially considering that a couple buildings down there is a very large parcel which will probably eventually be a 6-8 story building.

    The developer has not been in front of the ANC at all, because this appears to match the existing zoning and the H Street overlay. In particular, the ground floor has very high ceilings for retail.

  • I’ve lived on the Lincoln Park side of H street for 3 years…it’s the most overhyped part of the city.

    Empty lot, hipster asking for cigarette, “Unique” restaurant soon to be out of business, popeyes, bum, martini bar soon to change names and subsequently burn down, rock n roll hotel, empty store front, boarded up church, dumpy argonaut, Trinidad.

  • If it is too early to tell it by definition has potential.

  • Anonymous at 4:24 isn’t necessarily wrong, except when s/he says it’s “overhyped.” That implies that its hype is out of proportion with either what it has to offer or what other parts of the city have to offer, both of which are wrong. E.g., U St. is hyped all over, far and wide, but don’t kid yourself — it’s a dump too.

  • I’m betting this thing gets some horrendous looking vinyl siding on the non-street facing part of the building.

  • Yikes! Grumpy, negative comments. There is literally no pleasing the PoP crowd – either you complain that an empty/vacant lot is a blight and an eyesore – and then you complain when someone fills that spot with a new building!! Collective PoP PMS here.

    And H street is not a hype – I doubled the profit on my house in 2.5 years – and the whole damn street continues to morph into restaurant/bar/retail goodness. Keep up the good work Near NE!!

    • This comments to this post are a prime example of why just about everyone thinks PoP commenters are the most laughable douchelords of the Internet.

  • Hey guys what restaurant concept would you love to see in this space something thats not there already definately not another gastropub… taking ideas

    • Malaysian Street Food-straight up, too include Laksa and the best satay ever to be featured in Washington, D.C. (who the hell wouldn’t like grilled meat on a stick besides a vegan?)

  • I think 4 storey buildings are a pretty perfect height for density in old neighborhoods. The windows in this places suck and I second the concern about siding.

    Stil, far better than an empty lot.

  • Yellow awning must die.

  • The problem is the facade does not mesh with the existing buildings. The second floor windows on the other buildings align, due to high ceiling on first floor all of these are higher. So the look is jarring.

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