More Murals Across from the 9:30 Club

A reader sends in a couple of shots of more murals added to the building across from the 9:30 club.

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  • This was part of an art show a few weeks ago.

  • I recognize an artist’s work. The Captain America and the baby Batman standing next to him. He and his wife had a baby about a year ago and he said he wanted to be his son’s hero. Lovely.

  • What a dumpy area.

  • Not a fan of cartoon style murals.

  • That dragon is cool but the rest is a mess!

  • This was part of an event that happened a few weeks ago, lots of fun, some great art, Fatback dj’s, and awesome break dancers. Too bad it will be expensive and uninspired condos soon.

  • I wish the we had more art like this in our city and that every time someone was about to demolish a building we could hold an art event like the one that was held a few weeks ago. (Deeming that the building is structurally safe)

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