Anyone Ever Check Out the Folk and Beer Drinking Songs at Cafe Mozart?

The events at Cafe Mozart sounds like it could be awesome:

“Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday 6pm – 9pm
SYLVIA on the Accordion. German Folk and Beer Drinking Songs.”

Anyone ever check SYLVIA or the others out? I think I may have found the location for the next PoPville happy hour in August…

Cafe Mozart is located at 1331 H Street, NW. We judged them back in May 2009.

1331 H Street, NW

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  • Sylvia rules! It makes your dinner especially fun.

  • Sylvia is great! I would recommend people stop by for some schnitzel, beer and accordion. This place is a hidden gem.

  • I never knew this play existed, then got invited there on a date last month. An older gentleman was playing the acoustic guitar & singing. It was an excellent addition to a delicious meal!

  • They’re more fun than a beer hall putsch! Bonus: no Hitler!

  • The food is great, and Sylvia is awesome. There are a few other german places in town. I haven’t been to the one on Mass Ave, and I like Cafe Mozart better than the Biergarten Haus for dinner and conversation.

  • If they play the german cowboy song, I totally want to check it out!

  • The place and Sylvia is awesome! There’s great happy hour prices as well AND to top it all off, they sell all kinds of European treats at the front of the place. LOVE IT!

  • definitely a good time, delightfully kitschy. They serve an excellent sausage platter, order with dumplings and pickled cabbage. A rare gem in that part of town.

  • I always sing a duet with her when she plays “Ein Prosit”. Mozart rules.

  • Great place – The music makes the food even better (and it’s pretty good to begin with).

  • Please don’t send everyone to Mozart! It is a hidden treasure in this city. There is nothing else like it.

    If you must go, realize that Sylvia may make you choose between a waltz, a polka, and a yodel.

  • Allison

    This sounds awesome and also something I could never get anyone to go with me. Except perhaps my Dad, who used to play the accordian until Mom made him stop out of annoyance.

  • Aw, brings back good memories! I went here on a first date with my now husband. Delicious food, great German deli (for all your extra goodies to go) and Sylvia was the cherry on top.

  • Not to be missed. A great time.

  • Love the Mozart. Good beer, good food, good people. Sylvia is awesome – and will take requests. If you know the song and will sing it, she’s game for any good german tune.

    Mein Hut der hat drei Ecken is an old childhood favorite of mine.

  • And Temur Tsaguria performs on Thursdays – he’s great. He’s Georgian (the country, not the state). He plays guitar and sings Georgian and Russian folk songs, but he’ll even branch out into a little Frank Sinatra. Plus the beer and sausages are excellent. Oh, and the cake is delicious.

  • Have been listening to Sylvia for over 10 years, but at the Old Stein Inn located in Mayo, MD. Highly recommend if you are curious about what’s outside the beltway.

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