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El Floridano Food Truck Chef Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Brick and Mortar Restaurant, Mothership, Coming to 3301 Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — July 26, 2012 at 11:30 am 24 Comments

El Floridano Food Truck at 3301 Georgia Ave, NW

Mothership will be moving into the former Brown’s Caribbean Bakery at 3301 Georgia Ave, NW.

From kickstarter:

Mothership will be a restaurant and bakery in what was formerly a carry-out space on Georgia Avenue. With community tables, weekend brunch and family-friendly BBQs, we hope Mothership will be a community cornerstone and meeting place. Chef/Owner Stephan Boillon will offer delicious baked goods & pastries, gourmet pizzas, small plates and seasonal tasting menus, designed to showcase great ingredients.

By preparing farm-to-table, seasonal ingredients, sustainable seafood, and pastured meats, we will provide good wholesome food to upper Georgia Avenue in an inviting neighborhood space. Our goal is to give our patrons tasty and unique food options, whether they are eating a vegan, vegetarian, pescaterian or omnivorous diet.

With funds raised on Kickstarter, Mothership will

Create handcrafted, custom bar & dining tables using reclaimed materials
Design and build ADA accessible bathrooms using reclaimed fixtures
Install a 10 ton Energy Efficient HVAC system

  • ceeps

    I hate to be so negative, but this is full of buzzwords that it’s comical.
    “community tables”, “farm-to-table”, “seasonal ingredients”, “sustainable seafood”, “reclaimed materials”.

    And they’re asking people from the area to pay for it?

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Dear Hater, how’s your restaurant doing? Completely and mind-blowingly original, I’m sure. I live in the neighborhood and am excited about any new spots that isn’t a cell phone store.

        • cj

          or another liquor store or bodega!

        • anon in Park View

          I live in the neighborhood too and am also encouraged by the prospect of a new place opening that isn’t yet another mini-mart… but I do find it odd that a commercial enterprise is appealing for public donations to help fund it.

    • @unknown_vector

      don’t all these terms accurately describe what the restauranteer is doing? like, if you serve “seasonal ingredients”, you serve seasonal ingredients. if sourcing your seafood doesn’t do excess damage to the environment, i’m personally having a hard time coming up with a better term than “sustainable seafood”.

      now, don’t get me wrong — i’m a dyed-in-the-wool cynic. but, with the exception of “community tables” all of these terms describe what’s going on with very minimal BS.

    • pru

      What kind of words other than buzzwords are you supposed to use when describing your business in one paragraph? And, also to the exception of “community tables”, which makes me cringe, all the other terms make me go “oh, great!”, “yep!”, “excellent.” and send me to the kickstarter page. By the way, how spammy is that kickstarter thing when you make an account?

  • Is it just me, or is Floridiana’s food just OK? Seems like overkill considering they already have a ton of trucks.

  • Anonymous

    This location is amazing. Such a captive market its crazy, I hope he can pull it off.

  • Seriously

    I’m very excited for this place to open up in the heart of Park View. It’s really going to re-energize — along with The Height’s project across the street — this section of Georgia Ave.

  • _

    i miss jamdown :'(

  • Marcus Aurelius

    I miss Brown’s. Discovered them walking home from the gym during snowmaggedon. Excellent beef patties.

    • saf

      And jerk wings. And cherry turnovers. And fruit bread. and…

      Yeah. I miss them too.

  • Non e Mus

    So if you contribute to this project via Kickstarter, your reward is what’s listed on the Mothership page – name on barstool, catered party, etc.. You don’t become a shareholder in the restaurant, correct?

  • Anon

    Agree. These buzzwords are so overused now they’ve lost their meaning. Especially when you jumble all of them into one concept pitch. Hope they can pull it off but screams to me amateur more than anything.

  • Park View Pirate

    A little weird, interesting, desperate?, and/or creative…

    Not a bad investment in location given the Heights going up across the street, the Vue slated to go up right above with 100+ market rate units (http://neighborhooddevelopment.com/ndc-projects/vue-georgia-avenue/), and the development of the Murray’s property in a more distant future.

    You do get your money back if they don’t open. Hope they can pull it off!

  • ctk

    I have yet to try the food truck, but apparently the chef ran Dino for awhile (I’m a fan). This would be a very welcome addition to Park View. I’m in.

  • Stephanie

    El Floridano is a great food truck and Stephan is a very nice guy. Support his restaurant!

  • cj

    Hey PoP! How is your campaign for the building across the street going? Any news? http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2012/02/chocolate-city-beer-needs-to-buy-this-building-immediately/
    Could you please issue a new edict and get someone to open a Room11 type place at 3215 Georgia Ave.

    • me

      How does this kickstarter work? Can we start a fundraiser to get a Petes Apizza or Qualia Coffee to come to 3215 GA? It does have a nice little outdoor seating area, and they could do like everyone else is doing lately and ad a rooftop deck. So much potential.

  • Rita

    So glad to have someone trying to create a space that invites hanging out, takes some responsibility for the environment, and offers seasonal/local food. Buzzwords or not, these are important values in a business and I am so happy to have this coming just two blocks from us!! I hope it works out!


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